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  1. -- WHERE ARE THE GUI MASTERS to answer your question directly and without inhibition, you will find the "GUI masters" either dead, enslaved, broke, or presently working in one of the secret deep underground military bases (DUMBs) for the dark cabal, to make sure that the dumbed down population remains ignorant that they are being controlled (and being stifled/kept away from abundance) by a handful of evil cavers, by the use of super advanced technologies aided by various forms of AI that do most of the work for the cavers (dark cabal), as the AI serves as a complete replacement of keyboard, mouse and VR gear altogether you don't need a GUI if you have an AI to interface with the computer for you -- this is merely about what is the most efficient exchange of information between human and machine, where you can customize the level of precision and influence in the exchange process i have been a developer of GUIs (and related) since i was very young (started around 1987), and have discovered that the technology to serve humanity better (including GUIs) has been out there long before i was even born! -- WHAT IS GUI UTOPIA to answer the question what a GUI utopia would look like is very similar to how the people interact with computers as shown in series such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, except that they didn't show that telepathic communication would be the optimum speed (and has even practical/proven/successful examples currently used by the Russian army) you can find more information about all of this by researching key words such as Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Secret Space Program, Project Camelot, DUMBs, NORAD/DARPA/HAARP, LHC/CERN, Brookhaven RHIC, COBRA Resistance Movement/2012portal there are also many movies and shows that show much of these truths as the truth is hidden in plain sight i'm happy to answer any questions if you would like to dive deeper, in case you are feeling courageous
  2. yeah, some things were definitely not built to last ... i tend to find some things that actually work, and stick with them as long as i can ... yet i'm affraid that eventually all things change ...
  3. hey kingkolton9, i have vegas 10c, apparently and lagarithm but it also works on vegas 9 without problems this computer is a q6600 from around 2008 i believe still running the same operating system (xp-32) i even replaced the motherboard in 2013 with an identical one to preserve the operating system
  4. i've used lagarith successfully on many projects with sony vegas 9/10 ... be sure to use a bugless version of lagarith ... but, i think because i'm using a 32-bit operating system, the vegas/lagarith/system combo doesn't like files above 4gb tho ... it was actually ross' choice of using vegas for his videos that initially got me to try it, and i'm still using it with much success now ... there are just always some nags here and there in this old fashioned computer world, which requires the constant application of the creative ingenuity muscle ... for example after this computer is on for about 24 hours, vegas won't accept any image files until the computer is rebooted again ... i just think that computers need breaks too!
  5. try some coloidal silver.. works wonders for me!
  6. sounds like you're piercing through the matrix ^^ perhaps u can also see it representing the kundalini?
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