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  1. So far it seems that the Everfree is only really dangerous before Season 4, after the Tree of Harmony kicked in (aka every episode in Season 4) no one has really considered it dangerous, which forces me to assume the Tree tamed the forest.
  2. It was hardly slavery, as Fluttershy gave her consent to the whole thing before Dash said yes.
  3. In any case there's hope, if my inner skeptic is right and that claim is false then there's nothing to worry about, problem solved everyone can go home. If it is indeed real then we have the Vice-president of Hasbro itself looking into the issue, as even if it's real the animations are protected by fair use laws regarding parody, thus also making the claim null and void.
  4. Applejack isn't really all that out of character, if one remembers all the other episodes that involve her dealing with her responsibility in her family. Seriously, the bits of Bridle Gossip with her and Bloom, Applebuck Season, that family reunion episode, all of those had to do with her and her responsibilities with her family and in all of them the logical side of her brain just kind of shut off. Is that escalated in this episode? Sure! Is it completely out of nowhere? God no.
  5. Actually, if you take into account that AJ probably had to raise Bloom all by herself along with Big Mac her actions are well in line with her character. Besides, she's been babying her sister since Season 1, remember Bridle Gossip?
  6. Personally I thought they were either Scottish or Norse (or at least what we assume Norse sounded like).
  7. I'll grant that some specific episodes have been considered "flops" by specific individuals, but what I'm talking about is mass disapproval of an episode. Sure, Digi and BronyCurious didn't like some of the adventurey episodes this season, but pretty much everyone else in the analysis community did. Even in season 1 I distinctly remember there was a general consensus of people who disliked episodes such as Owl's Well that Ends Well, most of the CMC episodes, and even Over a Barrel if you were one of those people that hates the "Cowboys and Indians" trope. Right now the only people I see that dislike/are disappointed by this season as a whole are either those who are still bitter from the admitted disappointment of Season 3 and EQG (curse you 65-episode syndication!) or those who have just lost the "magic" they personally had when they first got into the show and the fandom. Almost nobody I've seen has come up with legitimate reasons for why they think the show has now failed other than essentially "It's just not the same anymore, man. You know?" Now granted, that's a completely valid reason to not like something anymore, but barring a significant decrease in quality it's not the show's fault that you lost your fandom mojo.
  8. It have promise for the same reasons it has such a strong fan bace. The quality. Yet this is a thing, so I'm not shore of that any more. Whoops late response A little movie that has no canon connection to the tv show itself isn't going to single-handedly destroy a fandom and I was sure you learned that lesson when the first movie came out. Right now the show's quality itself isn't fantastic but at least it's improved since season 3. If season 3 didn't kill the fanbase and EQG didn't kill the fanbase, I highly doubt another movie will. Not fantastic? Were you even paying attention when Flight to the Finish, Rarity Takes Manehattan, and Pinkie Pride came out? So far this season has had a plethora of outstanding episodes, a smattering of great ones, and the rest have been okay-good. Not one has been a major flop like Mare do Well or Owl's Well that Ends Well. (Or Feeling Pinkie Keen if you're one of those that don't like the message in that one)
  9. A guest to Dr. Wolf's channel, Camgoespony gives us a video about fanon and canon I think you guys might enjoy. faA56HNKm-Q
  10. Sorry, I'm used to forums that squish the image instead of stretching the page.
  11. It's a parody argument, basically taking what everyone's said about Seasons 3 and 4 so far and just switching out a few key names/phrases so that theoretically Seasons 1 and 2 came after Seasons 3 and 4, while still saying the exact same thing and making nearly identical points.
  12. And then, just like that, a single anon completely invalidated a good majority of people's complaints about the show from Season 3 onward.
  13. The difference between Sweet and Elite and this is that Rarity's flaws in that episode revolved around deceiving everyone around her to achieve her goals, and in here there's no deceit, instead there was guilt tripping and abuse of favors. Pretty much everyone involved knew what was going on, so really the dynamic of this episode was much different.
  14. Personally it's the Personality part of the things that grates on me whenever I take these, I feel like I'm filling out an application for a job and the repetitive nature of some of the question is infuriating.
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