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  1. Obscure-ish soundtracks? I know quite a few. Here's couple. Bravely Default has amazing fantasy-esque music, composed by Revo, who makes similar music on his own. Quite reminiscent of the Trans Siberian Orchestra. It was my go-to Jul music for this holiday (few samples): Then someone already mentioned the Danganronpa series, but it bears to mention again. The soundtrack for those games are both incredibly quirky and good. Frankly, I reckon that all tracks are pure platinum, but for sake of austerity, couple picks as a example from each game: Bonus: If you are looking for a (lesser known) fantasy type epic music that is occasionally mixed with electric instruments, I'd direct towards checking out the God Eater 2 soundtrack. There are a few good tracks there that stick out, but mostly it's the kind of stuff that drowns more into the background. YT Playlist for God Eater 2 If you want the good quality soundtracks (which are not YouTube compressed) that are either hard to come by via legal means or include otherwise would be missing tracks, I recommend searching the ffshrine forums. It requires a registration and it is a forum, but the soundtracks distributed there by the community are generally of a very good quality, some 320kbps or even in a flac format.
  2. I'm one of those people who are sick and tired of pixel graphics simply because more often than not it's done for either out of pure laziness or for wanting to bait that retro crowd, instead of it being done for a some actual artistic decision. I get it that often it's the best some devs can accomplish and they have to make do with what they got. But regardless, I feel like it's way overdone and often acts as a crutch for other shortcomings. That being said. This game looks really amazingly good. I mean really good. This is pixels done right! Too bad some of the game apparently did not live out for the set expectations. Still can't help but to be really intrigued. So... Screen and Shot.
  3. Not much to say here. It truly is end of an year and end of an era. Quite fitting if you ask me. And thank you so much Ross for providing this great series throughout all these years. Awaiting your future endeavours
  4. Not necessarily. It could be like the British use the term series for what in Americas is called a season.
  5. Between the first- and the eventual last episode in this year of Freeman's Mind I've: Finished high school. Went to a military service and finished it. Got a driver's licence (but not a car). Moved once. Rolled in university (after two previous failed attempts) and began writing my bachelor thesis. Huh, kinda puts it in perspective now when I think about it... Also PS. Any concrete yes/no of FM2 would at this point be premature IMO. I want Ross to take nice long break and work on bunch of other stuff for a while. I mean I'm exhausted with the speed these episodes are coming out, and I'm only watching them. I can imagine how stressful it is to actually work on making them.
  6. I might be in the minority then. But I actually prefer the calm and collected Freeman (opposed to the screaming Freeman) as he tends to analyze more and postulate the peculiar situation he is in. It's just my kind cup of tea, really. Also. Dayum, these episodes are coming out fast now!
  7. Excellent episode. And thanks to General Cornwaffle for excellent audio design. I always appreciate good sound design, wherever applicable. The new gun sounds are great. They sound close enough to the original Half-Life sound effects so that unlike previously (when new gun sounds were applied) it does not create any apparent disparity between the old and new. Frankly I did not even frist realise that the gunsounds were updated at first as they sounded so natural. So in my books the update is a-okay.
  8. We are finally here in Xen. Awesome! ...Not for Gordon, tho. -- I don't think there is a single fan who would not want to see HL2 Freeman's Mind, myself included. But I don't want Ross to force himself to it. After this final strech he surely must be exhausted. He should take a break and have a kitkat. I also think that it would be best if Ross puts FM on a nice long hiatus after he has finished it to work on all those other projects he has mentioned. And then return to it if he feels like doing so, whenever that might be.
  9. If you Ross were to do FM2 at some point whenever, then you need to tease us about it soon-ish after the FM ends. Or else you are going to end up having tons of people constantly asking about it on every single video then onwards before the fact. ...Well you are going to end up having those regardless of what you do, there's always that one guy, but that way you can negate most of the whiners fans pestering you.
  10. Whoa, congrats! Every time these kinds of fundraisers happen I feel so sorry that I am unable to participate because of my awful financial state due being a poor student. Anyhow, it's you Ross if anyone who deserves this considering the amount of entertainment you've provided to us consistently for so many years. Ooh, If I could get a life-sized black panther support mech that comes to fight my battles upon summon and spouts sage advices to me while lounging around while not in battle (a-la certain anime), I'd buy that in an instant no matter how poor I'd be.
  11. I use adblock with YouTube so I don't see ads, but inspired by this debacle with YT and blip (the main channel I prefer to watch AF videos) not working, I unearthed a script that allows me to create exception in the adblock to whitelist individual YouTube channels so that I'll see ads only on those I want to support. I think it goes without saying that chilledsanity (Accursed Farms) was the first one to go on this list. I know it actually doesn't help with Google being epitome of evil, but I hope it counts towards something.
  12. Well, technically you can safely go and live in Chernobyl area. It only takes few thousand years before you can do that... But hey, what's a little wait?
  13. Again, wonderful episode. I'd rather have shorter episodes every now and then than longer ones with huge gaps between them If I had to pick. Oh and I also remember seeing that Chernobyl documentary (I've seen a few of those), but can't for the life of me remember it's name.
  14. Oh man, I can't even begin to imagine the kind of burden stuff like this brings to those on the short end. Geez. Well I'm happy that future looks clearer now with new fresh waters on the horizon to forge ahead. On a side note, where do you find those art pieces you use on these posts? They remind me of drawings in those odd pamphlets bunch of new age groups like to spread around on occasion. That, but weirder...
  15. Wonderful episode, yet again! I kinda expected freeman to go crazy with the power of having the targeting system and accidentally bomb the platform itself (him of course jumping to safety at the last moment)... I dunno why I thought of that. Maybe because that's what I did on my playthrough. Do I smell sudden realisation and existential crisis coming up?
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