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  1. GTA 3 and VC were mentioned in this thread, but I feel San Andreas deserve to be mentioned as well. Maybe its just the sub-par PC port but everything feels so clumsy and dated, The animations outside cutscenes, The AI, Plane controls, and so on. Its not to say I didn't enjoy the game, it certainly has its highlights. Another one I'll add is Scooby-Doo: Night of 100 Frights, nostalgia definitely got the better of me there.
  2. Grand Theft Auto IV for the PC, Still unoptimized as all hell, but man what a game.
  3. I tried the Cinematic Mod, honestly I don't like it very much. Even at the most vanilla settings its still a drastic change from base HL2 and its for the worse. Like "Highway 17" for example, it goes from a coastline to a forest-like area that got ME lost despite various playthroughs of HL2. The clutter just gets in the way of gameplay, in "Nova Prospekt" when fighting the Antlion Guard, CM adds a LOT of props like tables and chairs that get in the way of the fight, and this is frequent throughout the game. I don't like ANY of the gun models, Ped models, enemy models(which aren't even rigged right), or Main Character models(which look uninspired IMO), and don't get me started on the graffiti. It makes the game feel like a generic uninspired AAA movie with absolutely no soul to it. The vanilla graphics aren't even that bad even by today's standards, and the mod changes the gameplay I think for the worse. if we ARE going to add eye-candy, it should at least respect the source material in some way. /rant
  4. I'm not sad that the series ended, but It feels weird that FM, or atleast the HL1 part, ended, like there is a void of emptiness in my free time. I LOVE the alternate ending, had me in stitches ( its 7 am here, not a very great time to watch vids, and crack up.)
  5. The Gang's all here...... right? EDIT: We need some music to wait to for the final episode
  6. Its really amazing how much episodes you've been pumping out recently, keep it up!
  7. I can't wait until Freeman sees the Gonarch
  8. The Suspense is killing me. EDIT: Ross, you sneaky little.....
  9. I guess Im the ONLY one who breezed through this one on my first run of Half-Life, I managed to guess the right one everytime.
  10. yeah I noticed it When I first saw it.
  11. Default_fov is the command to change the fov, just for future reference. I like to set it to 100 or 110
  12. I haven't even TOUCH dota 2, But I will probably buy the pack though.
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