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  1. Hi HLPrincess, if got them. Send me a PM if you see this and I will upload them.
  2. Freeman's mind 24 VOSTFR Freeman's Mind - Episode 24 VOSTFR.srt
  3. Freeman's mind 23 VOSTFR Freeman's Mind - Episode 23 VOSTFR (French).srt
  4. Merci. Il m'arrive parfois de coincer sur certains passages et je ne suis pas toujours satisfait non plus par certains choix de traductions. Si tu as certains passages particuliers en tête, fais m'en part J'avais déjà commencé le 23 et 24 en parrallèle, je terminerais juste le 24 , pas de problèmes. Si tu penses traduire d'autres épisodes, préviens moi, merci
  5. Great episode. Freeman is still da best Considering he didnt know it in the first place, i'd still say no plothole in that. Besides, if he hasnt mentioned sniper doesnt mean he forgot about that too (btw if you notice, his memory has seemingly recovered to full within few episodes after shooting snotmonster). Not to mention the fact, that often people with partial amnesia from trauma (such as blow to the head) remember things when they encounter same or similar situation. As for finger discussion- fine, show middle toe: it would be ultimate insult (har-har, Monkey island reference) if someone managed to pull this off. I mean have you ever tried to get just your middle toe straight? XD But if we have 6 fingers, why not the same number of toe ?
  6. Toutes les critiques sont bienvenues Thanks to Danielsangeo for his help Freeman's Mind - Episode 22 VOSTFR (Français).srt
  7. Bonjour super-pingouin. Merci pour le sous-titrage. Je compte m'y lancer à mon tour. Je t'ai envoyé un mp
  8. Awesome! Just registered when I saw new episode T-6! Thx for not giving up! Though I will rewatch it with subtitles, if there's someone nice enough to do the job , to fully understand the singing part. Oh, and why that speed talking part?
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