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  1. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
  2. The soundtrack for OutRun never fails to make me smile. So 80s! This was a pretty popular game once, but it's long since forgotten. Even the attempts at nostalgia exploitation with the series are about a decade behind us at this point. The were definitely the best. But, even the Sega version was credible! Sorry I can't find actual downloadable versions, but the place I got these from years ago is no longer hosting them. They are on itunes though!
  3. Mostly rock, pop, blues, jazz, folk, and hip hop made between 1950 and 1990. The majority of my collection was inherited from my parents.
  4. I only exist on school ID cards. I spend most of my time keeping this critter alive, playing outdated videogames and listening to music on outdated formats, and hitting this outdated vehicle with a hammer until it runs. I like outdated things, I guess.
  5. w00! Thanks to this donation drive I now know the rough cost in American $ of a can of non-bug-fortified beans in Poland! I can now rest easy at night.
  6. I just sent some beans money! Get the good kind, without bugs Really pleased to see it's already well into the thousands so quickly.
  7. Oh hey, I have a degree in criminal justice with a minor in psychology, similar to Ross' educational background. I fix HVAC and refrigeration equipment for a living. 5 years of college, whaaaaat?!
  8. I always watch these on youtube, but I figured I'd download the torrent for backup just in case. In case youtube goes down or this website goes down or something? I don't know. I just liked the series enough to keep a backup of it.
  9. This was pretty much the most interesting episode of RGD to date, for obvious reasons. Well done, Ross!
  10. I'm having a total disconnect between your voice and your new appearance. I love it!
  11. *applause!* Thanks for all of this, Ross. It was amazing from start to finish
  12. That delightful 1970s movie reference tho.
  13. Freeman when he sees Xen for the first time: Kind of weirded out. Freeman when he realizes he was sent to Xen instead of Massachussetts: Pretty irritated. Freeman when he realizes EVERY SINGLE dead person he sees in an HEV suit had a helmet: FREEMAN RAGE TIME. "WHERE THE FUCK IS MY HELMET?! This is bullshit! I don't have to take this kind of discrimination."
  14. Fuck this. It is not Ross Scott's responsibility to ensure you can show Freeman's Mind to your entire family, and if you are personally made uncomfortable by swearing, I have no words for you. Except "fuck". I dunno, man. It's just easier for it to be swear free, cause then you can show it to anyone you damn want without offending anybody. X3 I don't mind swears but I think swears CAN be worked around. Although swearing can be very funny at times, I don't think something should be SHOWERED with swears. Ross does a good job so far with keeping it not too clean and not too showered.
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