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  1. I was in middle school when i first started watching this. I'm in college now. This has been a super good part of my life, and a life line. Each day was pretty hard on me, and I didn't really enjoy most passing weeks, but some how Freeman's mind made me live month to month. I'm doing better now though, and i'd like to think it's because of you, Ross. Off Topic: You're over 100K subs, doesn't youtube give you a silver trophy for reaching that amount?
  2. I believe that they were just mostly a tad too late. I really appreciate the amount of effort put into the sounds to get them there, it was really kind and thoughtful. But it's like replacing some nobody that everyone loves from your TV show, with um....A famous person..I need to pay attention to pop culture more..I'm too ignorant in it.. But yeah, it's a great thing, just maybe a little too late. Could always keep them in mind if you were to say, make another game series or something.
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