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  1. The unplanned thing - is it the failed ramp attempt at 6:38? https://youtu.be/1lMz2eYh6Nk?t=398
  2. Would you be opposed to recording in Garry's Mod? I have quite a bit of experience with its Lua interface, so it may be possible to fix all the issues you're having using that. If you're interested, let me know. Give me a list of issues you have currently, and a simple step-by-step of how you record the episodes, and I'll see if I can get it all working well and reliaibly in gmod. If not I won't waste any more of your time with it. I'm guessing your steps are: 1. Record demo 2. 3. Play the demo and initiate video recording but if I know exactly what you use it'd be easier to replicate and ensure that everything works as needed.
  3. So, how'd you beat that sun level? Just tell me here - I won't tell, I promise!
  4. Just FYI, the blog post itself has a broken link (404) - http://www.accursedfarms.com/october-2016-update/ - but it still appears in the home page.
  5. Yup, I just went cross-eyed on it to gauge the 3D and it is absolutely flat. Side-note, there's sadly a bunch of 3DS games that pull a similar "trick" - the game is completely flat, but it's pushed deeper into the screen to seem like it's 3D. In those cases I say, why bother? Just leave it flat at 2D and don't waste the battery. The most obnoxious one is Steel Diver: Sub Wars, for the simple reason that it's a Nintendo first-party game! They've pulled off some impressive 3D graphics before so for a graphically-mediocre game like that it should be easy.
  6. Hey, quick and honest criticism - you tend to talk slow, and stretch out your words. I think you've done that a lot more in this video than you have in past ones. I still really enjoy your videos but this slightly hinders them. Now, I'm a pretty slow talker and in fact some of my friends and acquaintances have even told me this. But unlike you, I have an excuse: I talk slow because I think slow. In your case this doesn't apply - you're reading off of a script. Think you can work on that and try to stretch out your words less? Here's one such occurence for reference: Keep watching for a bit for more ("floating around") Edit: I realize that you might be doing it intentionally for emphasis. I don't think it works - look for other ways to emphasize? The tone you use when you do it is good, but you don't have to also stretch the words when you use it. With that out of the way, that was a fantastic video and surprisingly informative. I'm somewhat excited about VR (and more specifically, 3D) because it has the potential to enhance virtually any 3D game in existence. But I haven't had a chance to even try it, ever.
  7. This should be interesting, I'm subscribing This is some pretty old news, but do you plan to mention GameSpy's shutdown? So many games were affected by this, including almost every online game on Wii and DS. FlatOut 2, a great PC derby racing game, was one of my favorites and is also affected (although its singleplayer still works fine, and there are community ways to still play online). And Gearbox Software should be applauded, since the original Borderlands also used GameSpy but they updated the game to work without it, and gave everyone with a retail disc a Steam copy of the game so they would also get the update. They really didn't have to do that, so if you plan to make a "catch up" episode detailing some key events from the not-so-recent past, giving Gearbox the credit they deserve would be nice. Edit: also, are you sure "channel intro" doesn't exist? I've never owned or managed a youtube channel (aside for uploading the rare video to share with a friend or two) so I don't know exactly what you're talking about, but I've seen plenty of channels with one video that starts playing automatically when you open the channel page.
  8. Didn't bother reading the previous comments because I'm a dick like that, but MAKE SURE THAT YOUR STREAM DOESN'T HAVE GAMEPLAY AUDIO!! Or make two streams (is that possible?), one with and one without gameplay audio, because I want to hear you talk while I'm playing and obviously don't want to always get confused between your and my audio. I plan to have your stream running on my Wii U, or if that doesn't work on my PSTV, so I can glance over from time to time Can't wait for this!
  9. Supradarky on YouTube is an endless source of awesome video game music: https://www.youtube.com/user/SupraDarky
  10. Question regarding the screenshot contest (although I won't be entering myself, I just think it's best to clarify this): do the screenshots have to be raw, or are they allowed to be photoshopped etc? I have a friend who does some AMAZING screenshots on Garry's Mod, here's an example, they're obviously heavily enhanced in post-production but are still considered "screenshots" by some.
  11. Okay, obvious this is intentional but soooo annoying. what about 2 player mode? I mean, I get the joke, it's funny, but now I really wanna know how 2P works
  12. I can't believe you talked about 3D games and not mentioned the 3DS. The first game I played on 3DS was Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, and it blew me away. I bought the 3DS thinking: "meh, the 3D is just a bonus feature. I'm here for the games." But in the end it's totally not. It's incredible. When I was done with Zelda, I tried to play some PC games and they were so... ugh! SO FLAT!!! I did get used to having both, eventually, but 3D is still spectacular. And on 3DS, EVERY GAME does it properly-- or rather, every good game does. There are some games that do a shitty job at 3D on 3DS, but they are few and far between in my experience. I've never tried any of those head-mounted VR things, but I'm pretty sure I'd like them. The only problem is that I'm not sure I like the idea of dedicating myself to a game session THAT MUCH, by filling the entirety of my vision with the game. I like to be available for other things at a moment's notice.
  13. Regarding microphone - I can't give you any direct advice since I know nothing about this, but this guy, which I'm subscribed to, occasionally posts video camera & microphone-related videos so I could point you there. Some of the recent videos touching microphones: Hope this helps...
  14. Just wondering, how are you going to handle that promise to finish Half-Life before the end of the year? Don't push yourself into a corner! Not that I'm demanding anything. I don't mind if it takes you all of 2015 to finish Freeman's Mind, and I enjoy all your videos. Just wanted to see your stand on this. *goes to watch video*
  15. I like this, I've watch two videos. Thanks! The one thing that bugs me though is the requirement for videos to have less than 250k views. Honestly, if you want to make it in the long term, you have to also include popular ones. Just give them the exact same treatment you give any other video, but don't ban them altogether. That sounds like a really bad decision. Anyway, if it wasn't 2 AM right now I'd be watching the hell out of this site.
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