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  1. Oh Ross, this quasi bamboozle was top notch.
  2. Yeah no worries if videos are set back by this, as your health is more important!
  3. I was not expecting this, I love puzzle agent! Thanks for the great episode!
  4. I think you can do that by using the "Upload Attachment" section below the main reply textbox inside the full editor.
  5. Just so you know Ross you are allowed to stream with no game on Twitch if you set your game title to "Creative".
  6. Another hilarious game and episode, did anyone else notice Bob's monster claw hands? An unrelated suggestion I have for future game dungeons is to try contacting the creators of these games if at all possible, telling them you are making a video on their game and asking for any comments or thoughts they may have and putting those into the episode more frequently, as that is one of my favorite parts of previous episodes.
  7. I really enjoyed the "game archaeology" aspect of this episode, and I hope something like this can happen again in the future! (*cough* Ever heard of the mysteriously hard to find Easy Bake Kitchen Playset PC game? *cough*) Thanks for yet another great episode, Ross!
  8. Holy cow, it's finally over! What an amazing ride this has been, you did a superb job on this series and I'm glad you now get to relax for a while.
  9. Holy cow, thanks for another great episode Ross! I'm so excited for the next one!
  10. I personally prefer having these episodes be a bit longer than other types of videos on Youtube since they aren't uploaded very frequently. I love checking my RSS feed to find out a new episode has been released, and take some time out of my day to enjoy them. I also believe that the videos ARE quality over quantity.
  11. I've started working on the Spanish to English translation of the manual, here's a link to the doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ar1HsgLfy5uH60E6e8j6RaFtfsAZzuWmnEKk8xIeEIo/edit?usp=sharing Might not be able to work on it tomorrow much since you know Holidays, but if anyone is interested in helping me translate and is more familiar with some of the castilian dialect used than I am feel free to contact me!
  12. I didn't even know this game existed, it's amazing! Looking forward to more episodes of this, you did a great job on this one.
  13. The interview starts at 9:50 and the whole thing is 1:03:09 long.
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