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  1. Here is some cool art from dishonored. This isn't from a game, but I love this SuperJail Art. Here's a bit of an odd one, from the Baldur's Gate game box, but I always loved it. Hope you enjoy them, and Happy Birthday!
  2. Hey Ross Here are a few tracks from games that feature turn based combat First being a new game I'm playing called Hard West. It's a game set in the wild west all about deals with the devil, fighting demons, gunfights with desperados and all that sort of thing. Sorry for them all being youtube links. This is a track that plays during a battle with demons. This is a track for a more classic 'western battle' Next is from the game Expeditions: Conquistadors This is a standard battle track, I just love the Spanish flavor of it. This is a track specific to bosses. Hope you enjoy them, and happy birthday Ross!
  3. Well I was looking into the Steam Greenlight FAQ, which is for indie games that are trying to get published, and it specifically said that "X" number of votes does not equate to a game being published. It said that the main thing was that the voters showed that they really genuinely were interested in buying the product if it were to get published. I"ll assume the same thing applies to workshop items. From the looks of the comments people are voicing that they REALLY want this announcer pack. So I'm hoping for the best. What saddens me is it'll probably be at least a month before it gets published. I just saw Queen of Pain item set get published and put up for sale that was in the workshop about a month ago or so. I can't wait that long! Anyway, I wish you the best of luck Ross. I really hope this announcer pack goes through. If it does I'll buy like, 5 copies of it and gift them all to my friends.
  4. That line at the end was priceless. From the trailer I'm very impressed. I love playing dota, and I'm really hoping this announcer pack does get published. Gonna try to get my dota friends to rate it up on the workshop. Did Valve ever give any insight as to how many up votes is required to get something published? There's gotta be at least one Freeman's Mind fan over at valve that'll spread the word around the office.
  5. Well the good news is that it's one of the featured items on the dota2 workshop. And it seems a lot of people are voting on it and commenting. Over 1,200 favorites and 27,000 views. Hope it gets published.
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