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  1. For Wine, if you just want to try games and see how well they run, I'm pretty sure that using Ubuntu is perfectly fine as you don't really need the latest kernel and software for that. You just need to make sure you get the best driver for your GPU installed and running. For whether games work on Wine, their own database is pretty much the best way to collate information. I'm afraid I don't know anything about forcing anti-aliasing with Wine, though.
  2. Just to throw in some more tangentially related software: Borderless Gaming can help with fullscreening game windows. Although the window does need to be at the native resolution already, I think.
  3. So after having troubles of the explosive sort back in June, Elon now managed to one-up Jeff (instead of preceding him as he probably hoped to do): ZCBE8ocOkAQ For context, SpaceX's Falcon 9 delivered 11 Orbcomm satellites to LEO and the first stage came back and landed 9km south of the launch pad. This is "more" than Blue Origin's rocket did because the latter only went straight up, whereas the Falcon also went sideways to put the second stage on an orbit-reaching trajectory, and so had to retread that distance before landing (edit: more accurate graphic): The Falcon's first stage is also quite a bit taller than the New Shepard. The full launch can be seen in this video (landing at 32:25, warning: loudly raving SpaceX employees): If SpaceX are able to reuse first stages without extensive refurbishment like the Shuttle, this could bring prices for space launches down by a fair amount, since the fuel alone costs only about $200,000 per Falcon 9 launch (for a current total launch cost of around $60M, the rocket itself costing $16M).
  4. Great job, Ross! This episode had some great moments. I was also watching Doctor Who right before this, so the reference was pretty funny. I think I spotted the falling body at Anyways, I'm excited for the next episode. The end is near.
  5. Thank you for the great Christmas present, Ross! Concerning episode length, I'm with the posters in this thread who say that they have nothing against long episodes. So far, I can't remember having been bored by anything you put out. You do such a great job talking about games or whatever that it's just always interesting. You always find great and entertaining stuff to say. So I guess that as long as you think it's worth mentioning, it probably is fit for the video. You obviously shouldn't overdo it, but I feel like I could enjoy a lot of Game Dungeon talk. Even if the stuff is only a bit related. Again, you do a great job presenting it and it simply is interesting. As to the January video: Is that going to be the one where you revisit things from the earlier Game Dungeons (like the maps and such) or are you keeping that for seperate video? Just make sure that you disable all network cards.
  6. While the canon premise is that Xen is a different dimension so who gives a damn, I like the think that the Xen islands are orbiting a massive black hole which has high enough gravity to maintain a breathable atmosphere (Both the Xen aliens and Freeman lack any kind of breathing apparatus, and are both seen breathing both in Xen and on Earth). This black hole, though, is an extraordinarily large distance away from the Xen islands though and that, coupled with the gasses seen in the environment, mask its presence. There's also the Interloper introduction level, which as I remember is just a jumping puzzle leading to a red spiky teleporter and a pitch black skybox. Maybe this is nearer to the black hole (But somehow doesn't affect gravity because video games)? Again, though, different dimension/universe so don't expect normality. I thought about mentioning a black hole possibility, but now physicists are debating if they even exist or not. While I have Half-Life taking place around 2000 so it wouldn't be a be a problem chronologically, the entire frigging internet would jump in to correct me, so I decided to leave that alone.Are you sure that you aren't confusing black holes with wormholes or something like that? Because I'm fairly sure that black holes are a generally accepted explanation for not directly observable apparently massive regions in space. I mean, it's obvious that something massive is in those places even if it can't be seen and 'black hole' pretty much is the name for this kind of phenomenon and the linked hypotheses. A short visit to the Wikipedia entry doesn't show any substantial recent criticism of the concept, so I don't think it's really disputed that much. It would actually rather surprise me to hear that. Anyways, great video once again. I also think that Gordon's reaction seems fitting, it really feels like he's completely filled with adrenaline and still pretty unsettled by what he's seeing (I especially liked the 'shoot the madness' line, which I think explains pretty well how he's feeling).
  7. I really liked this episode, thanks a lot for that. It's nice to see Gordon have things going right for him for once, even if it's only an alternate ending. I didn't notice anything with the sound, but I don't exactly have quality equipment nor am I trained to notice that kind of thing. What I did notice was the sound of touching the tree at one point, which I thought of as a neat detail. Someone in the YouTube comments also suggested a possible location for this, in the case it was modeled after something real. 'Salem New Hampshire at the "America's Stonehenge"' (close to Massachusetts), he said. Full comment if you're interested, quite an analysis:
  8. Benchmarks would definitely be interesting, but Chrome uses the HTML5 player on YouTube by default nowadays, so I'm not sure whether you'll get any Flash there at all. The HTML5 player works very well, though. And a benchmark between Flash and HTML5 should be interesting, too. Good thing YouTube provides those statistics natively. I might do some tests later on, but I doubt my old system is going to amount for anything. From experience and a quick test, I can say that HTML5 videos tend to drop less frames when I'm in full screen mode. I also just ran a video in Firefox (which uses Flash for some reason, but version 12 since I'm on GNU/Linux) which dropped frames like crazy, but I didn't close everything else, so those weren't ideal testing conditions. I did some Flash/HTML5 testing some months back when I got a 'new' GPU and if I remember correctly, I found the HTML5 player on Chrome to be the best option for me, but I could be wrong since I was going to use Chrome anyways, which may have skewed my memory. Speaking of GPUs: Once you've installed Chrome, you should go to Settings and check 'Always enable hardware rendering' or whatever it says in the advanced settings all the way down if it isn't already. After restarting, you should then check chrome://gpu (just put it into the address bar) to see whether Chrome enables all hardware rendering capabilities on your GPU (Hardware accelerated should be written in green after every feature under 'Graphic Feature Status'). If that isn't the case, you probably should go to chrome://flags and enable 'Override software rendering list' (Should be one of the first ones, with the '#ignore-gpu-blacklist' flag). Restart and check chrome://gpu again. This makes sure that Chrome uses your GPU to help with Flash & HTML5 rendering and other stuff. Obviously, if you don't want this, don't enable it, but it was a huge improvement for me for content supporting GPU-accelerated rendering (partly because of the already mentioned old system. The CPU is just to weak to do this alone). Oh, and make sure you install Chrome directly from the Chrome page at http://www.google.com/chrome to make sure you get the version without a RLZ identifier, just so that you have a bit less data to send.
  9. Judging from what I read in the bug report, that's pretty much what happened. It used to work until they changed something and complaints started. Then they went back and forth for several months with temporary workarounds until in May or June 2013 the actual issue was located and fixed. The bug report has no posts of issues after the fix, so I suppose that it has been working since then. Chrome has usually been very stable on my system, every once in a while one tab will crash or hang but that's about it.Concerning Flash, it's probably mostly Adobe. Although it should be noted that Chrome has a built-in Flash Player that is updated together with the browser. The reason for this is that Adobe and Google partnered to develop Flash for Chrome's new plugin interface (PPAPI) which allows plugins to be sandboxed, in opposition to the rather old NPAPI which is used by other browsers (and Chrome, but it is being deprecated in Chrome). I've read that bundling the Flash Player with Chrome has reduced Flash crashes by 20%, but I don't think it affected performance that much. Google Chrome is also the only way to get a current version of Flash under Linux (WINE could work, but that's not really a native solution).
  10. First of all, I can't say anything about the framerate, since my computer actually is too slow to display the 720p video at more than 30fps. So I'll just leave that to everyone else. Secondly, I was intrigued by this statement: I wasn't aware that you could even replace explorer.exe and use an alternative shell, but that's beside the point. What matters is that Chrome apparently can't run without explorer.exe. So I did some research, partly because of the novelty the concept held for me, partly because I wanted to see whether there was an explanation for this behavior and partly because of the tracking accusation. I was able to locate a bug report for this exact problem fairly quickly. Following this bug report, it seems that the issue has been fixed since version 29 from mid-2013. So Ross, if you haven't tried to use Chrome since then, you may want to try it once more if you're interested. Concerning the cause of the issue, one of the developers gives an explanation right here (This is an answer to the bug report, which can be found here without the direct link to the response). Basically, the browser seems to have tried to load the website renderer using the shell, which would only work with the default explorer.exe shell. They changed it so that it doesn't depend on the default shell. I'd say that there was no user tracking involved. Concerning tracking in general, the Wikipedia article on Chrome has a section describing the major components of Chrome which can send data to Google. Most of them are optional and can be disabled. Those which aren't optional are usually only sent once or contain no personal information. If you're interested in further details, Google has published a whitepaper which lists and explains all components that communicate with Google and if and how they can be disabled. I'm writing this because I don't believe that Google Chrome is a botnet or otherwise a program designed to compromise a user's privacy. I suppose that the skepticism is justified and it is true that Chrome can send quite some data to Google, but I think that Chrome in itself is a great browser and can be used in a way that doesn't put a user's privacy at a substantially higher risk than any other common browser. It is also still based on the open-source Chromium, so everyone can look at that code. I'll add that I'm pretty surely biased since I use Chrome and am even signed in to synchronize my settings and such over Google's servers. This obviously should be avoided if you don't want them to have your data. Although the synchronized data can be encrypted with a personal passphrase which will be stored locally and not send to Google, if you prefer. In that case, Google definitely won't be able to access your data.
  11. This gets you the yellow screen bug you saw in the video. This game seriously fights you from going full screen. It does let you play in near-full screen window filling mode, though, which is already way more than on the main site. So if you ever want to try it again, you may be able to enjoy it. Perhaps you can even find a way to hide the top bar(s) of your browser window and hide the taskbar temporarily, so that you get a virtual full screen. I have to say that I did enjoy Union City quite a bit, it's well done. I think I also played The Last Stand 2, but I may not have ever played the first one. I was definitely surprised and happy to find that you covered this franchise. Also, I'll have to admit that since I have an account on Armorgames, I did try the Dead Zone one when it first came out and have been coming back to play a bit now and again. I've never spent any money on it and am currently at about level 12 of 50. It's true that the waiting times do ruin the experience, but I never really cared all that much since I thought that Con should be able to try to make money off his game and also because I didn't think that the fuel impeded the game too much. Especially in the beginning, when you do missions you can cancel the five minute return time for free and basically run a fair amount of missions. But it's true that the game doesn't really make itself playable for a long continuous run. One last thing on the developer: He apparently has some associates now that he develops Dead Zone with, but as someone else mentioned, he appears to have created the first three himself. And I still think that they did a pretty good job on this new one. I don't have much experience with the likes of Farmville, but I always thought that The Dead Zone stood out a bit more.
  12. Thanks for the update! Speaking of Gorilla Gong, I just went there and the site told me to disable my adblocker although I haven't activated it at all. Did they run out of ads to display? I really hope that the DOTA 2 voice pack gets to be accepted somehow. I don't play DOTA myself, but I'd certainly like to see it after all the work Ross put in there. Well then, if you move, good luck. And make sure the lack of ninjas isn't compensated by something else. Ross Scott confirmed to be immortal. Does this confirm HL3 to appear during his lifetime?
  13. Great stuff, as always. As everyone else, I really like the way Freeman is high. And I'm certainly happy to see more Game Dungeon! I've been missing it slightly.
  14. Thanks for your feedback! I wanted to make an April Fool's episode but I also wanted to continue the show since it has not that many episodes and I finally combined two ideas I hope it surprised many people! Many, also in the future The Japanese translation is of course made weird by google translate, I worte the text in Polish actually, sth like: The fearless Magda conquers.... aaand I forgot what I exactly wrote and I have no idea what kind of crazy algorithm produced a word "Etoile" I didn't! Ps: Subscribe and show the show to your friends Because YouTube makes new creators beg for subscriptions Well, it certainly did surprise me! And I'm looking forward to more of these surprises. They keep things fresh. It's like the HUD flashing once in that other episode, which you reacted to. Although you didn't react at all to the HUD showing up after the Portal sequence. Perhaps Google translated Magda letter by letter and it somehow gave Etoile by retranslating it to English. I don't see Etoile being an English word, though. But perhaps it was translated sign by sign again and matched to anything Google could find in any language with the Latin alphabet. Don't worry, I'm already subscribed
  15. I hope this 5-second-rule is really what they were deeming incompatible. Especially because it wasn't there before. Does resubmitting mean that you lose all the votes on the pack? In that case, you should find some way to inform your voters that it has been resubmitted, because I'm very sure that not everyone follows this as closely as people here do. Good luck once again, I guess.
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