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  1. "This is maked with Garry's Mod?" I love YouTube comments...
  2. They're waiting for you alien... in the pit partyyy....
  3. Uhh Ross, I think there was just one sun reflected against some sort of liquid, not two.
  4. One of the lines in this episode stuck out from the rest to me. It seemed to sum up Freeman as a whole. So naturally, I made a wallpaper of it: Here's the full sized version: http://i.imgur.com/piYmPCb.jpg
  5. HAHAHA Xen does kind of look Giger inspired now that you mention it.
  6. Did anybody else notice that Freeman accidentally killed that wounded scientist with a grenade?
  7. Darn, I didn't find the invisible wall Easter egg.
  8. Wait, Ross what do you mean filmed in a different engine? What engine? EDIT: Ah, I forgot about Uplink. It is kinda the lost Half-Life title. Interesting choice.
  9. Bah! He's pretty close to leaving Black Mesa, and Xen isn't all that long. He can do it.
  10. Ross, I'm so happy for you that feel financially stable. And I know you said not to feel bad if you couldn't donate but I still do. You make excellent videos and I really wish I could have given back. Anyway, thanks for the all the laughs. I look forward to the next Freeman's Mind!
  11. Looks like Machinima has "Questionable Ethics."
  12. FUCK YOU, FISH! Oh, it is on. You want to eat me? I'll give you something to eat. You think I work at SeaWorld, giving you free food all day? You're gonna have to pay for this meal. Come on up... I won't hurt you... come on up... sucker. [kills icthyosaur with shotgun] Yeah! Call me Ishmael, bitch!
  13. ROSS! This is perfect! They recently lost their video game guy so I guess you're kinda taking his place!
  14. There are 2 that I really like. I made this once in Gmod because I wanted to show the evolution of the Gordon Freeman model. The other is this: It's some derpy Chell model somebody uploaded to the workshop. I don't know what I did to her face.
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