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  1. As a german, I might be able to shed some light on why this game was made - besides being an advertisement for Deutsche Telekom (the mother company of T-Online and T-Mobile) with just one word: Moorhuhn. Also known as "Crazy Chicken" in some of its english releases (others kept the Moorhuhn name instead and a lot never left Germany) Your own research did seem to lead you to a wiki of that game, according to the URL at the bottom, but that's the reason, overly simplified. To go into a bit more detail, in 1999 the original "Moorhuhn Jagd" came out as a free game where the goal was to just shoot chicken for two minutes for a high score. It was free and quite a viral success with adults. Then they made a few sequels: Moorhuhn 2, Moorhuhn Winter Edition (basically MH2 again but in Winter and some new gimmicks), Moorhuhn 3. All in 2000 and 2001. Those were also free, but had also paid versions, and the series was still quite a success in Germany. Then in 2001, they released a Kart Racer. Like Mario Kart. Except Moorhuhn. And they started to use a more Cartoony artstyle. Came in three version. XS (free) with two racers and three tracks, XL and XXL - last one was basically the full version. Then came Moorhuhn X, the fourth "main" game fully going into the new Artstyle and being paid only for like 10€. This one also happens to be on Steam, of all things: https://store.steampowered.com/app/340120/Moorhuhn_Crazy_Chicken They were more and more games, with a lot of genres, over the years. Total of three racing games, strategy, point-and-click, platformer... The most recent of these came out in 2018! Some of them are on Steam, usually those that had international releases. And because the gaming industry is gaming industry, obviously there were going to be rip-offs and copies of Moorhuhn in the early days. Like "Revenge of the Swamp Chicken", "Chicken Shoot" and, finally coming to this game, Harry Buster. So, that hopefully answers your question why this game exists: An attempt at a cash grab when a different series was popular. Except that other series thrived while Harry Buster was just a bust.
  2. That explains a lot - puns usually only work well in their native language and rarely translate well into a different one. Done well, they do work great in their native language but it would be either a very hard to impossible challenge to keep the puns in a translation. I do know of two of those here in Germany (the two Moorhuhn Adventure games) where puns in regards to common phrases are a regular form of 'hint' for a puzzle - but even without, they, to some degree, seem to be solvable normally for the most part. There may be one or two, that don't. And quite a few puzzles that are just a joke in general or work straightup as puzzle.
  3. Seems this is a game, where the developers had as primary goal just to stuff in as many weird non-sense they could think of, then a few puzzles that may or may not be related to these weirdnesses, and lastly a plot that also just has "be weird" as it's sole goal instead of making sense. The result is basically a near unplayable mess from what I can see. No wonder nobody heard about this game before.
  4. Considering how this Gordon is unable to recognize Barney (the guy that, canonial, were best friends and Gordon had regular races through the air ducts to see who could open Kleiners office if Kleiner locked himself out again), I don't think he would be able to recognize Breen who probably never met Gordon in person more than maybe a few times AND never had his face plastered everywhere in Black Mesa. He might recognize the name, but that he didn't hear just yet.
  5. I am more impressed that he actually managed it. How many tries did Ross need to pull that off? Or was he just improvising after he managed it by accident? Unless he managed a very sneaky jump-cut with quicksaves I'm kinda inclined to believe that was the first shot which makes me feels he's done that on his own before. There is a cut when the next map loads, just after he jumps out of the window. That should also set an automatic checkpoint, so it's possible he just reloaded from there. But unless Ross tells us his secret, we may never know for sure... Maybe the real joke is that it's not a joke and he's really going to continue it (just maybe not soon?) I think that deep inside I actually do believe that this is the start of the second part. Legit thing. That what makes it really sting. I don't want to get "Haha, that was a joke!" after I allow myself to celebrate it. So I'll just treat it as a joke until proven otherwise. At least we get Game Dungeon. It's still fun to watch. God damn it. *went to rewatch Freeman's Mind from the start for the seventh time* I still consider downloading every single Episode and burning them on DVD as one long movie in the future. Just because.
  6. Maybe the real joke is that it's not a joke and he's really going to continue it (just maybe not soon?)
  7. I am more impressed that he actually managed it. How many tries did Ross need to pull that off? Or was he just improvising after he managed it by accident?
  8. I hope you're aware that you now set expectations for this to be actually happening, right? To be fair, I will watch it.
  9. I do, a bit. On the other hand, if Ross is once again limiting himself by EST, then he has a few more hours. I gonna worry when I get up tomorrow and it's still not there.
  10. Seems we both got a similar idea - but in my case, I just bought a small DLC for 1€ for a game I like and said DLC is not on the list.
  11. I just counted and we're at just over 140 games by now.I was thinking it was strange that the front-page post got updated as new games were added but the forum post kept the original list. Maybe he's just lazy or thinks they both update. Either way, 140 games (with some in a rather strange category - Nuclear Dawn a strategy game, for example. But that's just me nitpicking)
  12. At this point I think there are more games on the list than people who actually post actively on the forums! Maybe the first-place winners will get multiple choices? Or is everyone a winner? I did some really quick math. I found that there are 37 games on that list, and there are 62 post that submitted screenshots on to this message board. Then on top of that you have to add the X amount of people who submitted screenshots through email. So I don't think everyone is a winner. Which is sad, because I wanted to use one of my favorite quotes. Ehh screw it. "Hey, you're the winner! You won! Oh, and you too! It was a team effort! Everybody wins! Especially me." -Freeman, Freeman's Mind episode 49 Been really glad to have all the epsidoes downloaded. It has kept me laughing while I deal with a very limited data plan at my new place that I'm staying at for now. I just counted and we're at just over 140 games by now. So, yes, at this point, it's more of a give-away, where the screenshots are more about choosing the order than actually being allowed to choose to begin with.
  13. First of all, I have to say that I personally don't have much interest at all about Moon Gaming in its entirety. So I didn't bother watching the thing in the first place. So, for what I am about to say, that probably matters a bit. Regarding the poll, the actual question should be - should you continue doing this exactly this way? I can imagine that with a bit of tweaking how the format works, people will look at it a bit more positive. Not every style of LP works for everyone equally well. It might already be enough to show only the game and never yourselves. Or maybe make cuts (or remove them, if they're there). Or doing longer games in smaller chunks/shorter games in one long video - the latter would then probably be a Long Play, then. Even just changing what the commentary is about could make a difference on how people like it.
  14. I can still name THREE games that did it. Two of them failed, one was successful. Dead Space 3 (Awakening DLC) Prince of Persia Reboot Alan Wake The last one is where it actually worked due it being an optional Epilogue that acutally doesn't add anything as the main-game itself has an ending (a rather confusing one, but an ending non the less).
  15. I suspect this Game Dungeon is going to get a lot more views than most of the others. At least in relative terms.
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