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  1. First, I gotta say: I love every single thing you've ever made, Ross. Second: I know you're working on the Halloween episode of RGD and that you probably have many other obscure games planned for the series. I almost never request specific projects from creative people who's work I admire. But like you, I hate to see great games die, and my love of one particular game obliges me to formally and publicly request it's inclusion in a future episode of RDG. Released by Looking Glass in 1996, Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri was one of my favorite games growing up, yet almost no one seems to remember it. It had stupidly high system requirements at the time, and getting it to function on a modern PC is not something I've attempted personally (though I've read that it can be done). So there's my my shout out for TN. Keep making great stuff, Ross!
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