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  1. I personally would love to see more Moon Gaming if possible. I think that the format has a ton of potential to it.
  2. I have lots of them but picking just a few to make this shorter I´D say that The embassador pinapple, the launching of a missile without even knowing it, and the "quick! give your hand!, no!, your OTHER hand, you idiot!" Are my top 3 so far.
  3. I had somehow prepared myself when you said something about shooting clowns in the face at the end of the last episode, but this surpassed all my expectatives. Especially because you did a complete playthrough of it (I never expected that), and the voice acting was even better than anything I had seen in Freemans´Mind til this day (which I personally consider one of the best I ever heard). So, I know gonna focus in Freeman´s Mind from now on, but RGD has become my favorite Accursed Fams series til this very day, so I now have two reasons to refresh the site like crazy (well, three, CP is still there and it´s still very enjoyable even for the memories). Great Job man!
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