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  1. I'm a bit late to the party, have you tried emailing the great lord GabeN personally? [email protected] Also, that April fools joke was hilarious, it did hurt a bit knowing it would never happen though.
  2. I don't know if a thread similar to this already exists(couldn't find one) or if you guys post this kind of stuff in some other thread I don't really believe each of these...productions deserve their own thread. Now, i'm not saying that you can't make a decent game with gamemaker, but seriously, most of them simply end up... special. http://sandbox.yoyogames.com/games/225669-criminal-theft-auto mfw soundtrack.
  3. Thanks! That looks pretty cool indeed, and it's a fairly simple setup as well. I'll go and do some more Freeman's Mind art in the next few weeks I guess, with more than a couple of minutes of time put into.
  4. This is probably one of the scariest things I ever thought about. Looking at Physics, there is a reaction to each action. Theoretically this Reaction can be calculated before it happens. Now, by precalculating every single reaction within the universe, we should be able to see what happens in the future, shouldn't we? Now, hold on to that thought a second and combine it withMoore's law, Murphy's law and the singularity. I'm scared. Please prove me wrong.
  5. I had to bridge a couple of minutes, so here you go. It's far from perfect, however release-able. 3840x2160 (Double HD) http://i.imgur.com/fzvEzo6.jpg
  6. I don't get it, that's much longer than my time, but your CPU should be a little faster than mine. Vsync was off and srcdemo2 was operating? What irritates me even more is the fact that there is barely any difference between 1080 and 720p and that my CPU is barely used during the process. I'll try moving the game to my SSD so it can save the frames to that, let's see how that turns out.
  7. I'll try this with my Phenom II X6 1090T in a second, it's currently enslaved. Makes me wonder whether there is a way to load up a demo file in Cinema/Blender/Max and render it from there, would allow for some interesting stuff.Imagine bumpmapping, tesselation, reflection, refraction etc in HL1 Modify and adjust scenes after recording them, multiple camera angles, "Dynamic" lighting and GPU Rendering. Edit: The short one took 29 minutes. What I find interesting is that the CPU constantly was around 25% I will try this at 1080p now Edit2: 1080p took 36 minutes. CPU was around 35% Both tests were performed in windowed mode, I was doing other stuff while performing these tests. I also noticed that when I had the HL2 window focused the FPS went from around 8-12 to 14-18
  8. Let's hope Ross doesn't have a heart attack when he sees this Even I nearly had one.
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