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  1. To think that I was here to see this series at its beginning... You know, it's been a real journey, watching this and the Master Minds as they progressed through the years and wrapped themselves up one by one. And now I've got the same sense of nostalgia here that I did for each one that made it to its finale. Barney, Shephard, Parker, Felix... And now Freeman, too. I just lost the consolation of "well, at least Freeman's Mind is still ongoing" - but then, that's just been replaced with the consolation that Ross is going to be pumping out a bunch of other stuff over the coming year. In the meantime: dear GOD that alternate ending!
  2. You want to know where the time goes? I started watching this way back in 2008 when the third episode came out and Ross could've called it quits at the Resonance Cascade. Good god, I still remember the giddiness I felt when the fourth episode came out. Hell, I remember hearing "Does my beard intimidate you?" and wishing I could grow more than ugly teenage stubble - I type this now with a beard you could hide the Knock Nevis in. It's been a long seven years, and I've been waiting for Half Life 3 for about just as long, funnily enough.
  3. Heh, there's someone on Youtube saying that this episode's canon - the teleporter spun off a Freeman clone who ended up in that forest while the other one went to Xen.
  4. No no, see, Episode 3 IS the universe. Valve's been trying to build a time machine and cause the Big Bang all along.
  5. New? Nah, not exactly. I've been watching Freeman's Mind since Episode 3 came out.
  6. I just want to point out to everyone that 6:59 to 7:02 is what you all thought you heard. This is what you REALLY heard:
  7. When he was saying stuff about ties to that one guy, I would have stopped and look at him at least. So yeah, I think this is just Gordon not realizing or remembering the fact that he's a mute. You can talk to other people all you want but if you're actually mute they're not going to respond properly. Plus your perception is your reality. If Gordon thinks he said something and someone responds a different way, his Mind could remember it as him saying something different that makes more sense to the way a person reacted. We're seeing Gordon's reality in this show. Not our own reality or the reality of the other scientists or the reality of the soldiers. Gordon's. "Hey you. Want to be my human shield?" "Shut up!" "Just a suggestion..."
  8. Whoever came up with that side of the bet, either stop playing the Cinematic Mod and go back to vanilla Half Life 2 to for moment, or tell your friend to do so. There's hardly anything there to be transfixed by, especially when it comes to the guy who "learned to do CPR" on the quote-unquote biology department babes back in in Black Mesa.
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