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  1. I know most of them, was that "S.T.A.L.K.E.R" in there? I'd love to see freeman's thoughts on that! I know this was an April fools joke but you should consider doing other mind series as well as freeman's mind.
  2. Well I'd guess a few this Vsauce video may put things into perspective.
  3. Yeah he better deliver on those robot attack dogs!
  4. Oh and here's a link to the chapter 1 main theme. That alone should be reason enough to try out this FREE game http://tomstoffel.bandcamp.com/album/underhell-chapter-1-original-game-soundtrack Anyway good luck Ross I look forward to your next projects and videos!
  5. Anyway how in detail do you feel about all of this?
  6. Unable to donate at the moment, I'll try to later but all I can offer really at the moment really is that I recommend you try out the mod Underhell the story is great and so is the music! Just you wait until the last two hours of chapter 1 and you will love it! The prologue is quite good too. Anyway good luck hope you get your life back to stability and go for a meal out I know you like to live on a budget but with all this money and your hard work you really fucking earned it dude.
  7. It would make them weaker while making him weaker. And he uses god mode so it wouldn't matter.
  8. He could still use the original valve models just with the enhanced effects and visuals, if he decides against this then I strongly recommend Smod using the realism mode. No more sk_plr_dmg_pistol 30 anymore! Now weapons do realistic damage! And they do realistic damage to you (But Ross would be using God mode so it wouldn't matter) Realistic effects,movement and weapons! I personally think this would be good for the series It doesn't replace models or textures to keep those die hard half life fans happy and any new guns you can just disable! if you want to (don't know why you would want to though) and Kicking! (Not as good as underhell's kicking, by the way check that mod out BEST MOD EVER!) Anyway what are everyone else's thoughts?
  9. Dude freeman's probably has sociopathic tendencies if he isn't a full blown sociopath! He doesn't really care about anyone else but himself sure he's awesome but he ain't too nice!
  10. Firstly you said earlier (This is not the question but the setup to one) that you will do a freeman's mind on half life 2 if you still have enough viewers. My question is will you be using cinematic mod? or smod? Or just standard half life 2? Also my request is that you pick up the gluon gun! Please! I simply would love to see freeman's thoughts on it. All the best -Jake
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