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  1. scorpionma

    Arabic fans of the channel

    Hey all , I have some time off on my hands and I am interested in making some Arabic subtitles for future videos and possibly older videos. I did the Freeman's mins 2 episode and would love some feedback and criticism. I made it a bit slang(okay a lot slang) thought i t would be funnier. I can do formally translation like everyone but I thoughr slang would be better. Please tell me what would you like
  2. scorpionma


    oh sorry man i was not being hostile . i have no idea why i added the "fucking" . no hostility here ,only love
  3. scorpionma


    I am guessing they are friends ,they are friends (only behind the scenes). I was kind of disappointd that Ross didn't "take him as a friend" but i am sure Ross knows what he is doing here is the wiki page: They are friends in the half life world,not so sure about Freeman's mind world. I am pretty fucking sure Ross does know what hes doing
  4. scorpionma

    UT2004 Session Postponed

    Would you please give me the ips so i can test them? thanks
  5. scorpionma

    Making a Freeman's mind soundboard

    Alright seems great Thank for the help I think I'll rewqtch the series then ^.^ I'll do my best
  6. Hello, I am Hamza From Jordan I am currently learning android programming so i decided to make and release an app because this way it will encourage me to learn more as i am still a newbie to the programming. so as a fan of Ross's work, I decided to create a soundboard for him though i need your help to find some good sounds from his videos as it is hard for me to find some funny stuff like "i am being fingered by Godzilla" thanks a lot and i know this is a stupid idea but it will help a lot to grow as a newbie developer. I am not looking for someone to trim the sound and upload i am just looking for someone to tell me about one
  7. scorpionma

    Introduce Yourself!

    oh i didnt know it look realistic though i hope he make more! when he finish this one maybe blackmesa or halflife 2 MAKE ALL EPISODES! GO Ross
  8. scorpionma

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello I am scorpionma I am a big fan of Ross he is the best youtuber ever! and i see whats going on with this shitty machinma anyway I just noticed that there is a forum and i signed up and joined here! Thank u for that amazing voice I have A little question What commands do he use? god mod? and how does he climp things like that

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