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  1. YES ON THE EVOLUENT VERTICAL MOUSE! I now own two VerticalMouse 4 Right VM4R Evoluent mice: one for work and one for home. I was getting very bad tendinitis mousing all day and this fixed it. It has three full-sized buttons, and each of the three buttons is soft. This is extremely important for me because i use a lot of 3D software where the middle mouse button is used as frequently as the spacebar is in Adobe programs. I purchased a $40 vertical mouse and it helped but didn't do the trick. The buttons took too much force to click. I'm not kidding, the Evoluent mouse is perfect. Takes a bit of getting used to. I wouldn't use it on CS:GO yet, but I'm now stupid fast with in most software, pretty good with it in Dota, and I'm still not sure if I'll be as good in CS:GO as I was before, but I don't care, I have my wrist back and it's not flaring up when i work. Only drawback (crap, I just said perfect, didn't I) is that the pads on the bottom are really thin. I used a hard plastic mat for a while and the pads started to erode so I got plastic on hard mat. That was not good. I started using a cloth mat instead and it's good now. I think I needed the extra friction anyway with this mouse. I should add that using this mouse you should ere on the side of having less sensitivity, meaning more arm movement to move the mouse. You need to start mousing with your arm instead of your wrist, so you'll use the fine-tined control that wrist movement will give you. Using arm means you'll want the friction so your mouse doesn't feel slippery making those gestures. Oh, the mouse is expensive. BUT. TOTALLY. WORTH. IT.
  2. Ori and the Blind Forest — Very emotional orchestral music with unique instrument selection, and a good amount of wind instruments. Favorite Tracks: 01-04, 07 Finding Sein, 17 Restoring the Light, 23-24 Completing the Circle, 27 Conundrum Sublevel Zero (just came out) — Chiptune meets orchestral. http://music.willbedfordmusic.co.uk/album/sublevel-zero Favorite Tracks: 02 Sublevel Zero, 14 Berzerker, Einhander — Because Japan 12 Factory, 13 Dawn 17 ThermosphereYou can actually buy this album still. Fittest — Zircon's "elentronica organica" https://zirconstudios.bandcamp.com/album/fittest-original-soundtrack Only songs I like: 04 Photosynthesis, 09 Fusion Master Return all Robots — Zircon https://zirconstudios.bandcamp.com/album/return-all-robots-original-soundtrack Only song I like: 09 Jamaican Cyberturtle Really, my favorite work of his is his album work (sorry, not technically video game music, just by a video game composer, and in the same vein) https://zirconstudios.bandcamp.com/album/getaway-ep I can listed to 01 Augment and 03 Across the Ocean all day. Also he's got this Zircon Vault thing so you can use any of his music on YouTube. Don't have to worry about ContentID with him. The Vault is also how you can get instrumental versions of his Identity Sequence album, which is fantastic. inMomentum — By Gareth Coker of Ori fame. Contemporary electronica. http://musicstore.gareth-coker.net/album/inmomentum 02 Flyover, 03 Destriction, 11 The Art of Movement, 12 Passacaglia Mirror's Edge — Ambient Electronica by Solar Fields A lot harder to rip. I had to use a tool to do it (and it's a bunch of stems for dynamic playback). It's available commercially, so there's that. Nitronic Rush and it spiritual successor Distance — EDM Game is not finished yet so no OST is compiled yet. I think it was pretty easy to pull out of game files. Tank Universal — Electronica Had one song I really liked, the rest is okay, "Time" I remember ripping it pretty easily from the game assets, "time.ogg" Apparently just go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Tank Universal SteamWorks Edition\SOUND\MUSIC to grab it. The Unfinished Swan — Orchestra with a tiny bit of synth, sometimes a bit too baroque. Favorite track: "The Unfinished Swan"
  3. I'm sure that's his plan. My concern is that if the recording for each video takes up more than 50% of the drive capacity, then the write speed will drop during the recording session. It won't be a problem if the reduced write speed is still more than he needs to record.
  4. Ross, are you planning on filling up almost the entire SSD drive for each episode? The wonky thing with SSDs is that as the drive is filled up their write speed is reduced substantially. The rule I've heard is "never let it go past 50% capacity if speed is critical." That wisdom is for web servers, but for consumer drivers I've heard to only fill it up to 75% if you want a balance between speed and storage. I don't know how much write speed you need, but since it wasn't brought up in the video I thought I'd brought it up here.
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