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  1. Congratulations Ross. Best of luck to the both of you.
  2. Honestly, this is still much more believable than Half Life 3 coming out. That's how dead Half Life is now. Thanks Gabe!!
  3. Ross at the risk of sounding naive and candid, what do you think about the feasibility and impact of a boycott of EA ? The major problem I think is not getting supporters here, but rather spreading awareness of the online game extinction. I don't mean to brag but you have a very sizable fanbase and I would be willing to bet a good deal if not most of us would be willing to follow through on a boycott. It could just be a seasonal boycott during summer or Christmas or even a yearlong blackout. Even with a fraction of us boycotting, it may be enough to get their attention especially when paired with the petition. But maybe I'm being overly optimistic . I just admire your commitment. Don't be afraid to speak out in what you believe.
  4. Bravo Ross. I have to admire your commitment to these issues. You're the Bernie Sanders of video games.
  5. Great just in time for the weekend! A nice drug free drug trip for the Memorial day weekend.
  6. By all means Ross just go for it. This is your product and work after all. I would hate to see you make a series like Freeman's Mind just because the fans demanded it and it didn't have the desired outcome you desired. You're not JK Rowling after all (ok Harry Potter wasn't THAT bad towards the end). But take all the time you need. Pull a Michelangelo or JRRR Tolkien if you need to, though I hope you don't. Everything great you've done thus far has been through your own doing, not the whims of some rabid fans or profit margins. Best of luck. I'm gonna go head out to the gym a bit and grab a breakfast burrito on the way back. Now I'm trying to imagine what long haired Gordon Freeman would look like.
  7. Well its been 7 some odd good years. Can't say I won't miss the old HL1 Freeman's Mind series. Thanks for your time, dedication and just putting up with all the bullcrap. Congrats Ross.
  8. "Allow me to introduce to you my own brand of trickle down economics!" *rain of bullets ensues* Damn something tells me Gordon is gonna enjoy his stay on Xen more than he initially realized, what with him disrupting the social and political order. Its a damn shame that the G man at the end comes and takes everything he has save his suit and life. Damn feds. Damn them all.
  9. Well finally! Its about time Gordon started treating himself as the god he is. Really though Ross, I hope you've been okay recently. Take some time off for the holidays and yourself if you need to. I know you made a promise earlier this year through your fundraiser that you want to keep, but I won't hold anything against you if you can't meet the deadline. You've done more than a great deal for the online community and your fans as a whole. But anyways Happy Holidays Lord of Xen!
  10. All the world's a stage, and we're all just sick bastards laughing at Gordon Freeman.
  11. So Ross, if I may inquire, what exactly is the MOST DANGEROUS game?
  12. Gordon Freeman has left the building. But don't worry. He'll be back. With lots of badass explosions following in his wake. Also he'll have plenty more timely sequels to recount his badass odyssey through time, space and beyond. None of this wait 10 years for a half assed sequel. I'm looking at you Duke Nukem. Oh and he's coming for you too Gabe, you obese ass monkey.
  13. Boy, Ross, at the pace you're working, it may as well seem like the local schoolkids in Poland are relaxing during their school hours. Not that I would know much about Poland or Polish schools and their kids.
  14. There must be a lot of aspiring freelancers that are envying you now Ross. Hopefully the Polish equivalent of the IRS isn't giving you too much trouble. I donated what I could. Just promise me 1 thing: don't ever let yourself get bought out or sold to another corporate a-hole again if you can help it. They've done plenty enough to screw up the internet and everything in between.
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