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  1. So apparently, this game has different titles in America and Europe. Ross played the American version called Polaris Snocross. European version is simply called SnowCross and European PC version actually has the original soundtrack from the console versions instead of Point Defiance songs. How interesting.
  2. I've looked into the game's files and the music is not encrypted at all, it's just encoded in DVI IMA ADPCM. I've extracted the files from music.xfs (the format is somewhat confusing) and converted the music with vgmstream. Here's all the ripped music in MP3 and FLAC: https://mega.nz/#F!XcgmgQjQ!74S9uJs433f-ubpS4Hg07w No file names, you'll have to sort through this yourself.
  3. I've only played through this area once and I didn't notice this cave, too. Although, I didn't use the holes either, I just jumped onto a Mantaray from that hill above the cave entrance.
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