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  1. Woah, I used to play this game when I had my first computer. If only I had known where it came from...
  2. I'm not sure if this an April fool's joke or if you're serious
  3. I agree completely with you - it's amazing that after all this time he can still do Freeman's Mind with the same dedication (if not more) as in the beginning. In this Internet Era there are a lot of people with talent that start interesting (sometimes amazing) projects but lose interest after a short while, let alone finish them. I also agree with RGD which got me hooked since episode 1 - I was like "yes, Tyrian is a great game, why don't more people know and talk about it?". I do want to see more of those, it's nice to see other people interested in those "old school" games. Those were true games in the sense that you wouldn't talk about realism, you would only talk about the _game_ part. An analogy would be some kids playing with sticks and complaining that they don't represent swords very well instead of focusing on their game and its rules (if any). Anyway, I'm not going to go too much off topic with that idea. Since this is my first post here, I want to end with congratulating Ross on his work and this fund raiser. I wouldn't consider this payment for work to come but rather for what you already created and gave to the fans and community. So, I wish you all the best to Ross and everyone here, you all seem like good people
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