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  1. I'd really like to see what Ross thinks about Cabal Online EU, its an old one, still runs to this day. I have played it in 2008, and today again, it's pretty much deserted compared to what it was. Very grindy, like, Korean grindy, but in a satisfying way. PvP, PvE, Wars, Dungeons, aaaaand it's P2W. It's one of the weirdest relationships I've ever been in, I love it and I hate it. I got up to a very high level (like, after playing for 11 months), and just get pissed over an impossible dungeon quest and just quit. I'm willing to give you a shortcut Ross (my account) if you want to jump ahead.
  2. I know it doesen't quite fit the 90's games the dungeon covers, but I'm gonna ask anyway, This War of Mine Basically the game has a very steep learning curve, but in the end, it is very satisfying and shows how it is well polished. In case anyone needs it, here's some quick tips: - Eat every second day (day 3, 5, 7, 9,..). - Take your time at bartering for the best price. - Always put people on guard. - Right click to make the characters sprint. - Use dark rooms to ambush potential enemies with melee weapons. - If characters get slightly sick, use herbal meds, if anything more than that, use pills. - Sligthly wounded characters can sleep off the damage, anything more than that and you need bandages.
  3. Try cut/pasting the files into common/Half-Life 2/hl1/custom/my_custom_files If it still does not work, then take these files http://www.mediafire.com/download/g2n16g5aggak5z5/models.7z and replace them with the old ones. If any more questions appear, I will be here EDIT: The MP5 holster animation is updated so please download the file from above regardless. PS: Valve has a strange habit of mixing game directories together so don't get confused.
  4. *starts jumping up and down He like became my hero when he said "SUUCKEEEEER", I have been following him ever since EDIT: I now see that when he is carrying the Egon he added a "click" sound when Gordon fidgets the thing, I will add support for that too if he decides to use it.
  5. No, its not a script I integrated the function into the models, and the crowbar had the animations already and Valve was just lazy to fix them to play on "impulse 200" so I did it. And the MP5 didn't have a holstering animation at all so I animated it and applied it to the in-game model. A script would be able to only play a fixed set of sounds, this way the sounds are randomized AND can be set to specific sets of sounds for specific weapons. You have got 5 holster and 5 draw sounds, that's 10*14 weapons=140 different sounds (too much I guess, but the script can be modified to play less sounds as you mentioned) All in all, I hope this will help Ross and well anyone else that wants this, I think its a great "cinematic add-on" to shorten the edit time.
  6. Well I registered to the forum just to post this, and I think this will be a useful minimod for Half Life Source. It basically fixes the crowbar holster and fidget animations and adds an MP5 holster animation. But that's not all, all of the weapons have unique draw/holster SFX that can be customized to the users' will. Install and editing guide in the readme file. I hope this helps Ross save time editing in the sounds himself. Download : http://www.mediafire.com/download/0hsdvq86h0dpt2d/draw_holster_patch.7z
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