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  1. Hey, since you mention your birthday is coming up in this one, I have a question for you. Would you ever consider showing the best of what you discovered from your birthday request video? I'd love to see some of the obscure artwork, music, and stories you unearthed from that.
  2. There you go. Image from my first play through of Crusader Kings II.
  3. One the subject of Dark Souls: I haven't played Demon's Souls, but I have played Dark Souls 1 and 2. In the first Dark Souls at least, with few exceptions, it is entirely possible for an observant player to beat the game without dying. Also, you probably remember that in Demon's Souls you lost half your max health upon dying. That mechanic is gone in Dark Souls. I really wouldn't recommend just watching a let's play as I feel the game really takes advantage of the medium, and just watching it wouldn't be even remotely close to the same experience. If you must, might I recommend the let's play series done by Christopher Odd, which can be found here:
  4. One of my new favorites in the FM series. Great job as always, Ross!
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