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  1. This is brilliant! I remember trying to get this game to run in the early days of Windows XP as a kid, after I found it on Home of the Underdogs and thought it looked so cool. And, well, it is, the graphics is awesome (I have a weak spot for software rendered 3d games), the gameplay doesn't look like it held too well, but i enjoyed the video greatly. It's also fun to hear that I'm not the only person strangely attracted to maps - although instead of making game maps I spent tens of hours contributing to OpenStreetMap. There's just something about creating data in such a visually pleasing way.
  2. Hey, I started watching pretty late, about a year and a half ago or so, but I loved it and wanted to say that you're a pretty cool guy. You've created something great. I'd love to see HL2 Freeman's Mind, but I can imagine being burned out a lot after this. So I'd just like you to keep making machinima-like videos, whatever they are, cause you're a funny man.
  3. Hi Ross! I noticed that you said you're living in Poland. Poland is kinda huge, so this may be irrelevant, but just in case you're not too far from the borders with Czech Republic, there's an arcade museum about 20 km from Prague, where you can play not only CarnEvil, but more than 100 other games, mainly older. From Sprint 2 (fucking crazy cabinet) and Asteroids to Time Crisis, Metal Slug and DDR. You only pay about 5,50€ to enter (for the whole day), the games are all free. It's fucking awesome. Proof: pic of friends playing CarnEvil
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