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  1. Much appreciated. Excellent job as always.
  2. Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas!
  3. Me and my observation skills. I didn't notice.
  4. I recently noticed that the forum engine doesn't seem to keep old attachments, meaning that most of the subtitles files for early episodes aren't available for download now. On the bright side, the youtube links have this data and it's only required to convert it from its native format for normal usage. So, here you go! Freeman's Mind subtitles in SRT format for all your captioning or quotation needs! Also, special thanks go to danielsangeo for such an excellent job subtitling the series (especially the Modern Major-General song). P.S.: Here you have a mirror just in case. freeman_s_mind_subtitles_p2.zip freeman_s_mind_subtitles_p1.zip
  5. Running smoothly. Thanks a lot!
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