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  1. I agree with keeping it at 30fps. At first glance I felt like barfing (literally I didn’t even know I get this motion sick) but after I was almost able to adjust to it, but something still felt wrong. Everything feels wonderful the way it is right now. Edit-I wouldn’t mind 60fps if Ross ends up doing it in the end, I can adjust. I may be getting sick because I’m just so use to the show being in 30, however I think 60fps may be best saved for something completely new for the time being.
  2. No updates in few days = dead, typical internet logic. Happy apartment hunting you two!
  3. I thought it was funny. You go through all that to then find out that Joey’s band is so horrible [or hardcore, depends on your definition ] that the stage and everyone around it explodes into a massive crater! At first you’re off put by the singing but then you’re left there baffled and unsure what to think. Sums up the whole feel of this game in one segment .
  4. Hi I’m percep. I just started catching up with Ross’s recent stuff and noticed the forums. I don’t talk much, but everyone here looked nice enough so I thought I’d join. So hello I guess…
  5. I watched this late at night then went back and rewatched it cause my brain couldn't process the craziness of this game tired. It's just such a strange mess of nonsense Joey really holds it together though. I could listen to those phone calls all day, but the gameplay would probably make me wanna break my computer really. Not that the concept was bad, I happen to love arcade style games, I think it was rushed and needed more polish, and those mud crawling sections need to go. Have a long peaceful rest Ross. Relaxation is always important, especially when you haven't done it in years.
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