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  1. I think the game choice held this episode back, moon gaming has potential though. However, i would advise against putting RGD on hold for moon gaming, i understand this is much easier and faster to make but RGD is just better. Overall a disappointing video, not really bad per se but not the quality i have come to expect of you. Sorry if this sounds harsh or entitled, i mean this purely as feedback.
  2. This reminds me of Men of War Assault Squad 2, the main selling point of the game for someone who already has Assault Squad is that gamespy shut down, the previous games' online functions depended on it and the devs refuse (probably under orders from the publisher) to patch them like many others have, for example Relic in the 11 years old WH40k Dawn of War. This situation while not planned is very similar to what you described.
  3. Reading the chat, people saying goodbye, that kind of thing is really sad, reminds me of videos of the last minutes before city of heroes/city of villains was shutdown. EA is fucking up hard, always in the name of mammon of course.
  4. If i'm not mistaken Grim Dawn is being developed mostly by people who worked on Titan Quest. If you haven't checked Titan Quest out you should, it's pretty good. Grim Dawn seems to be pretty similar to Titan Quest with the dual class thing and all.
  5. He loses momentum almost instantaneously. The "platforms" don't move between when you teleport and when you arrive. Even if the electrical signals are along a defined path, if he's losing momentum he's losing it all. Technically, Freeman dies ANYWAY because the matter is being reconstructed on the other end. Either Freeman has momentum conserved and lives, or he does not have momentum and dies. I seriously do not think that it's a 50/50 scenario. Scenario 1 explains how he could gradually lose momentum without the platforms moving much. I'm not going to say anything else because i'm not really well versed in this area.
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