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  1. The updater for the game keeps on going forever in the "Patching Resource Database" part for me. The progress bar goes out of the updater window even.
  2. That thumbnail though haha
  3. This has to be the most action packed episode yet.
  4. OH MY GOD! Santa Claus in Trouble was THE childhood game for me. I played it ENDLESSLY! The thing is, the game STARTS easy but it actually gets fairly difficult and fun as you go through it. I should still have the original CD back in my parents house, need to find it.
  5. You could try lentils for a new staple food. It's prepared almost the same as beans. Chop an onion and cook it in olive oil, add a spoon of tomato paste, then put in hot water and the lentils. Cook until they're soft. Goes great with yoghurt. Doesn't take long, is delicious and healthy.
  6. This was fucking awesome. Though what was up with that half a second Eternam writing on the intro?
  7. Ross, you would LOVE Marble Hornets. It's the webseries that created Slenderman and the production quality is really high compared to other horror webseries.
  8. It's quite alright. I also apologize if I came out as sort of mean. I was just annoyed that I couldn't seem to get my full point across. I guess I am also partly to blame since I forgot that you did in fact mention that you hadn't come to that part of the video yet. I feel the same way as you do with this whole thing. It's quite depressing for me as well.
  9. I'm now fully convinced you are not reading my posts in their entirety or you are simply not understanding them. That's exactly what I said. This practice is NOT justifiable. That's what he has proven at the counter arguments part, by debunking all the potential counter arguments. He doesn't. He dismantles THOSE pro-central server opinions. If you don't answer to counter arguments, your argument doesn't really seem strong. He's just further proving that it is unjustifiable by debunking all the "justifications" for that practice. This is actually exactly what you are doing right now. By that logic, if what I'm saying is stupid, then why are you even responding? By quoting my posts and respondin to them, you are also including my counter arguments. And the funniest thing is, I'm not even arguing that this whole thing is justifiable, quite the contrary. I just think that Ross missed a detail and I pointed out why it is relevant to his case.
  10. Exactly, that was the counter argument I presented for the "eliminates piracy" counter argument. Read the entirety of my post. Hell I can also come up with another argument against that. A EU research found out that piracy can actually BOOST sales and that people who pirate games substitute them for free games. So they were never going to pay money for the game anyways. I just think it was another noteworthy counter argument Ross had to answer beforehand for and a big chunk of solving a problem is examining WHY it's there in the first place. Central server based games are here partly because of short sighted greed in an attempt to prevent piracy.
  11. Except there are, for the company. Are you even reading what I wrote for more than the first 2 sentences? Online only games dependent on central servers cannot be pirated, and that is a significant portion of their profit saved from piracy. Companies don't develop central server based games because they are sadist and thrive on the destruction of hardwork and art, they do it because they are solely profit driven, and central server based games increase profit. Including that fact would even be beneficial for his argument since it would also tell people WHY companies set their games up so that they are dependent on central servers, hence the video doesn't appear heavily biased.
  12. Yes, that's exactly what I said at the end of my post. I was just pointing out that Ross should've included that counter argument at that section. He spent some time on the pros and cons of "games as a service" and I think it paints that entire section of the video as being too biased if he doesn't include actual pros into the pros part.
  13. I was actually quite surprised Ross didn't mention that "games as a service" eliminates piracy at the "pros and cons" part. Now I am in no way arguing that setting up your game so that it is dependent on a central server is a sane and ethical way of preventing piracy -even though current regular DRM is extremely weak and gets cracked within days or even hours upon release-, however I think that was another counter argument that you had to answer towards the end. Games as a service is objectively better for the seller when it comes to maintaining profits by eliminating the chance for "cracks" of the game to be made but it is NOT fully defensable since you do breach the deal you made with the buyer by also preventing those who obtained the game legitimately to play it again.
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