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  1. Congrats Ross! That's so exciting!
  2. Hey Ross, very random comment, but I saw somewhere that someone didn't like the new intro (with it starting on one head and jumping to another), and I just wanted to say that I thought it was actually very clever and I really hope it sticks throughout the series. Also, this episode was phenomenal. The dialogue was flawless. Each episode has been a hit so far and I doubt it'll slow down. I look forward to more FM and Game Dungeon!
  3. Man. What an ending. Can't really believe it's over. 7 years? I'm trying not to repeat my older post on Episode 67 but like man. I'm very happy and proud of you Ross. I've had a fair share of works I've tried to do over the years with most ending in abandonment or lack of interest. Seeing you just power drive through it--especially with the Machinima stuff--is really inspiring to see. I also loved how Freeman handled Nihilanth. He wasn't screaming like a baby the entire time but instead he actually held a lot of confidence and competence in the battle, which is a great deal for one man to handle xD But seriously, bravo. I cannot wait for your future Game Dungeons and other works. You're possibly my favorite internet creator out there. Happy 2015 Ross, can't wait to see what you have in store!
  4. Ross, man oh man, I gotta give it to you. I started watching this series in late elementary school--I was about 10 or 11--and started at episode 4. I'm now 17 and a Junior in High School, and this series has actually affected my life pretty decently. Before, I only played Nintendo games, but you introduced me to Half-Life, which coincidentally introduced me to all of Valve and then the entire video game industry. I really got into gaming because of this series, and I just recently got a gaming PC. I even watched the Master Minds people when they were releasing, and I really can't wrap my mind around the fact that your series is finally ending too. I'll probably be a life-long fan of all of your works. I'm already a huge fan of Game Dungeon and obviously FM. Civil Protection was also top notch, but I believe I've heard a lot about the engine being wonky, so I wouldn't be surprised if that series is done for now. I remember in the early episodes of Freeman's Mind, I didn't know a single thing about Half-Life. Those episodes were so trippy to me because I had never seen anything like that, and to this day I still remember the mix of confusion and awe and wonder I had watching those episodes. But anyways Ross, I wanted to thank you for creating such an enduring series and thank you for indirectly introducing me to the world of PC gaming and normal gaming. Reading all the other comments, I can see all these people were equally affected, and I hope you know you did a superb job. I'm going to be on edge all day knowing that the final episode will come out at any moment. Thanks for the series, Ross, and can't wait for your future stuff!
  5. Whoops, I wasn't paying attention. I have a friend who has a similar looking case and I assumed that it was the same, and it was a big case. I'm looking at a review of it now and it seems actually to be a decent size. I'll look into it some more now
  6. Yeah, it being bigger is slightly daunting. I don't really have much room at all, which is why I was going on to get an m-itx. But if this fits both, this seems like a decent deal. I'll look into it. Thanks a lot man!
  7. I gotcha. I think my current plans are to get the elite 130 case from cooler master and a larger psu, move everything over, and then upgrade as I go along. From most internet posts, it seems that the motherboard shouldn't be a problem with moving or anything. But all this has me nervous that I just bought some machine for practically no reason now that I'm having to change everything xD Most success stories have said that moving the moboard was completely fine, just a bit daunting. So hopefully that all goes well. If not, then that sucks xD
  8. You know, it just occurred to me the moboard you recommended is a M-ATX, not ITX, which is what i have and what the elite 130 was for. I may have to reconsider what exactly I'm buying now xD
  9. Thanks man, I'll take a look at these. I've decided to move into a bigger case (cooler master elite 130) and get a larger psu first, which, depending on the psu, should only land me at about 80 or so. After that, I'll definitely look into a motherboard upgrade as well as ram. I'm pretty stoked. By the end of it it seems like I'll have a top end PC, or at least one good enough for me xD. Thanks again for your guys' help.
  10. Yeah, i'm working on it now with my friend. He said I could just move the moboard and everything into a new case and then just update as we go on, which I think i'm fine with. I'm looking at a 16gb (8gbx2) kit on newegg that's about 150 or 160 or so. I'll list it here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820148663&cm_re=16gb_low_profile_ram-_-20-148-663-_-Product. If you have a better suggestion for ram, please lemme know My original plan was to get a new moboard, psu, and case, but my friend believes that I can just move into a new case and easily upgrade the psu, plus I've found a decent case and psu for ~$100, so if I can keep it that cheap then I'm happy. I'll probably upgrade the moboard down the line after I get my other things (cpu and ram) done. It doesn't seem like the motherboard is that weak. I would just update everything, but I'm a pretty much broke high school student with no job, so I don't really have enough to toss around at everything that needs some upgrading. Just the super essentials, which seem to be case, psu, card and ram, and then after that go freely. It seems like a good plan, but I could be horribly wrong
  11. Well, problem with the PSU that I didn't learn until AFTER I bought it is that the motherboard and computer are designed with only 330w in mind and any higher would break or harm or just not work with the system. I can get a special mod for my psu where I can get a 660w overall power, but that's beyond me for modding. I may get a bigger case and a new motherboard so it'll all be okay for psu. As for the ram, I'm not too sure, I'll check later when I get back home. And reading now about all this stuff with power, I think I will do the changing case and motherboard. Better safe than sorry ***UPDATE: Actually, I'm talking to a computer buddy of mine and as long as I can find compatible cases that work with the motherboard (m-itx), I can move everything over and get an internal psu just fine. So I'm gonna do that...so that makes me previous question about power irrelevant As for RAM speed, they are low profile 2x4gb sticks. I'm not sure what all of this means, but it has a DRAM frequency of 798.1mhz, Ras# to Cas# delay of 11 clocks, Ras# precharge of 11 clocks, and a cycle time of 28 clocks. Also, a command rate of 1T. They aren't the best ram sticks in the world, but I plan on upgrading to 2 8gb sticks in the near future, so I'm not too worried about that.
  12. Haha thanks man! I'm pretty stoked to get the 970, I've been trying to get into major PC gaming for years (since 2009 or so) and my new-to-me PC, plus the perfectly timely release of the 970, make it possible. Just hope that setting the power down a little will ensure no reboots
  13. Hey guys! I've been a long time fan of Ross/Accursed Farms (been a fan since Freeman's Mind 4), and I just now decided to join the forums and stuff, and I saw this and wanted to get your guys' opinion on my setup (sorry to resurrect this topic if it's been dead for a while). So my setup is an Alienware x51 r1 model (I understand the whole debacle of buying systems instead of building them, but I got this for a killer deal along with an HD monitor, gaming mouse, keyboard, etc). It has: -Intel Quad Core i7 3770 @ 3.4 ghz -8GB Ram -NVIDIA Geforce GTX 555 OEM (the bottle neck of the system, sadly, but at the moment my most taxing game is skyrim, which this card seems to handle with relative ease when nearly maxed out, no AA or Anisotropic Filtering. With AA and AF, it tends to be sort of a wild card with FPS. It handles every other game I have perfectly) -330w PSU (actually, no, this is probably the bottleneck) Now, the PSU may be kinda bad for upgrading, but recently this beautiful beast was released: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814487070 From multiple reviews and also youtube videos (main guy here: https://www.youtube.com/user/dyablo316/videos), it seems that this card will run perfectly fine if set to 99% power draw instead of 100%. Do you guys think that this is an okay thing to do? Or does turning power draw down to 99% really effect the quality I'd get out of it? And if any of you think I could find a better card, what do you think would be good? Thanks! Also, nice builds everyone
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