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  1. Ah yeah, it's one that i forgot to mention on my post. Nice and original sci-fi with supernatural shit. PANDORUM is another one that i liked a lot and it's pretty underrated (or not, i've seem a lot of people talking about it lately) Pitch Black is one of my favorites, even though is not even that good, i just love that movie.
  2. Autism maybe? On Topic: I'm not really into horror but i'm looking to see more of the genre. I really enjoy the sci fi themed ones like Alien (one of my favorite movies) The Thing, The Blob (50s and 80s), Cloverfield, The Mist, It Came From Outer Space and other that i can't really remember.
  3. No, nothing of this has been confirmed. He could pretty well be hiding the whole time or even long gone from the Aperture. I mean, it's very vague to afirm anything. What about all those paintings and that weird sound? The same goes to the Earth thing. The Combine may be ceased from the planet but that doesn't mean they dont exist anymore. We just saw some shots of a clean Earth and that's it, And like some said here, the Xenias creature have already adapted and made into the ecosystem. You were afirming things that were not confirmed, based on some very vague matters and because of that they are just assumptions. Look at these, we can just theorize http://half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Doug_Rattmann http://half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline_of_the_Half-Life_universe
  4. "Rattman is long dead. The combine are gone, the resistance is over. Earth won. Earth is back to where it was pre-resonance cascade." HA MATE! You can't possible know that! Nothing of this is confirmed and you're actually triggering my autism!
  5. If I had allocated a little more time when recording I would have talked more about this (I may come back to it in the next episode), but the bottom line is they sort of thrust this information on you with no context at all. Besides for self preservation, who the hell says HE has to be the one to go in there and stop it? There are plenty more qualified people on Earth to handle it, plus it's assuming they know everything that's happening globally. The way I see it Freeman would rather take his chance on Earth than trust these clowns to teleport him to another part of the galaxy. This comes back down to Half-Life's story presentation, they give you the absolute bare minimum and you're just supposed to go along with it. I think a lot of people remember details that are plugged in later from HL2 or online supplements, when the game gives you almost nothing and you only have one option anyway. As for the teleportation rant, not every line is meant to be a laugh out loud event, there's always a bunch of space to fill and I try to mix it up with thoughts that might be interesting to follow. The thing is, the scientists (who should know what they're talking about, given their department) outright told him that if HE doesn't go there, there wouldn't be much to come home to. Meaning that not only is Earth fucked if the portals stay open, but no one else in the area is qualified enough to go to Xen, using their only Xen teleporter Which should be obvious, as there's like three guys in the Lambda Complex, none of which are as heavily armed or adept in combat as him. Everyone else has been killed by aliens, and all the doors are sealed. It doesn't really require knowledge of HL2 or the Laidlaw vault to recognize any of these things. At the very least, he should recognize that maybe millions of soldier aliens showing up in the middle of the United States along with highly deadly wildlife teleporting all over the Earth would be very bad. The aliens apparently teleport at will, so who's to say that he won't make it to New England only to have a Garg dropped on his head? And why wouldn't he trust these clowns to teleport him to Xen? He apparently trusted them enough to let them teleport him to the other side of the continent. This is despite the fact that he almost never trusts anybody, has repeatedly called all of Black Mesa incompetent, and never even got a response from the scientists who just told him that they'd teleport him to Xen. There's no real reason for him to think they'll follow through. Why would Freeman care about killing the alien and saving the world? He doesn't care, he just want to get the fuck out of Black Mesa, and he cant care about these stupid scientists mumbling around about portals and shit either. I think you are overthinking this to much.
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