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  1. Camerawork and stuff is great. I think Gordon himself's a bit stiff and whatever model you're using isn't that great either. I know the Gmod Workshop has that HL2 Survivor Gordon which comes with a labcoat variant. I'd recommend using that instead. Really making anything in SFM is a pain and not worth it so good job sticking with it I guess.
  2. I found the Civil Protection part interesting. I'm looking into making machinima myself and goddamn does Source suck for it. The SDK is painful and outdated and SFM is a joke for anything other than TF2. (I can rant at length about how much I hate TF2) Should probably look into other, better engines for this stuff. I'm impressed with what I see from Unreal, is that any good?
  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmmaybno. No never no not at all. What can I say, people like convenience. Why remember 4 or 5 passwords for a bunch of sites when I can remember one for one site? I agree though, it's dumb. I'm not a big forum goer, it usually takes me a little while to post and I go away eventually anyway. When I do frequent one it tends to not be very big.
  4. Neckbeards are whatever you want them to be. I stopped taking this seriously a long time ago.
  5. All of us white oppressive woman haters have neckbeards. Mine wasn't illustrious enough for them to let me stay. Not even my large and rather impressive collection of fedoras could convince them otherwise :
  6. I had an account for a bit but my neckbeard wasn't majestic enough for it to stick around.
  7. You're complaining about people using labels and grouping people. You then grouped everyone who uses the phrase together as white neckbeards. Smells of hypocrisy.
  8. I do like how the go-to acceptable target of the trendy hashtag-activist patriarchy fighters are the white neckbeard fedora-wearing MRAs who have never been demonstrated to actually exist. Never mind all those spooky minorities who also use the phrase, they just have internalized misogyny or something. SJWs hate the phrase SJW, so it's probably a good idea to use it anyway.
  9. Pyro's Mind, that's an awful idea. HL, that's linear, that doesn't change. What happens in TF2 is completely up to the idiots you play with, and they're always idiots from my experience. Disregarding that, Pyro's just another lazy blank slate Valve character. All the playable ones are like that, save for the L4D guys. I think Ross should keep up with the Game Dungeon and perhaps do something completely different and unexpected. Give the Mind series a rest for right now, it just ended.
  10. Vorts are aligned to the resistance and stalkers to the Combine. You can put them on the same team and let the player kill them with https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Ai_relationship
  11. We aren't even five days into 2015 and you've already won the username of the year award. [Gratuitous hashtag use here] Hell, is there a good reason to use reddit? I made an account and closed it a week later cuz I couldn't think of one.
  12. The Quintessential Freeman Experience sounds like a prog rock band from the 70s. A lot of these later episodes kinda lose me because I didn't like Xen to begin with but I liked this one. I still can't really notice the holster animations though, can anyone point out where they are?
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