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  1. Я вообще офигел - захожу - а у Росса в комментах хохлосрач! У Росса! На английском! X_x PS Given that in ex-USSR countries PC gaming is relatively much more popular than consoles, unlike in virtually all the rest of the world, and that HL is among the best PC games, I suspect that Ross has quite a lot of russian-speaking fans )
  2. Uh, I apologize for sounding like I have no appreciation for Ross and his work then Of course I do - I am a fan and I think what he does is brilliant and far above most even much more popular youtubers. He's the only one that to this day haven't made a one not interesting video, to my taste (even his videos where he asks for money are entertaining! Who else can do that?) . I should have structured my post more as a question, which it really is - "why you don't do that?" than a direct "hey, you should".
  3. Hey, Ross! First, let me apologize for my english in advance I want to give you some advice - one of the problem is that you don't make any content that can be really massively popular. Your popular videos are - either HL-HL2 related or about a bit obscure games, like in the GameDungeon. Well, HL is pretty popular game, but its popularity is declining, and it isnt what it used to be, say, back in 2007. So, you have to start one more series, that will have a potential to become a view-attracting machine to your channel - review new games! Or, do anything at all, but with New, Hot games that are on #1 popularity right now. Ok, I may sound like i'm over-confident in what I'm saying - but theres a reason for that, I have a pretty big experience in internet and social media marketing, although in Russian market, but internet and its inhabitants are pretty the same everywhere. And, I don't wont to sund like what you do right now is bad - no, it's super good, and I like your content a lot, but sometimes, in order to make money, you have to do not what's best, but just what is popular. PS you've got my 20$
  4. and will happily check the site a few times a day until they arrive. Ross should really put some ads on front page, all of us frequent checkers will make him money.
  5. Yeah, if you feel you need more time for making these episodes up to usual quality, don't rush it, most people will not blame you for breaking your promise to finish HL1 this year. Quality is more important than time of release.
  6. Very good episode! Never played this game before, but for some reason it most reminds me of Crimsonland, btw, has anyone played it? It's much more of an arkade, although it's very fun to play!
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