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  1. I got two. One from L4D2 and the other from F.E.A.R.
  2. I think what this lacks is energy. Both of you look genuinely bored while playing this game. I feel if you guys had a couple of beers, or a few cans of redbull, it could be better just because you're not in the right state of mind, or you're uncoordinated, or you're just plain offensive. Why do people watch Pewdiepie, or Funhaus, or Achievement Hunter? My guess is that people don't watch it for the game but for the person playing it. People LOVE Game Dungeon because of your witty remarks, anti-corporate philosophy, and your love of games. Basically what I think this series needs is attitude. Not the goody two shoes kind. I'm talking profanity, a little "V for Vendetta", maybe some metal music (I know you love the Painkiller soundtrack), your room is set up to look so grungy that I question whether or not you're on house arrest, maybe tie your hair so you look like Geralt of Rivia, stuff like that.
  3. Tracked down the developer, finished all 3 games, had it voice acted, released it as freeware, and became ruler of the universe. BAD. ASS.
  4. Now with the existence of portals in the Half-Life universe, Freeman could potentially be in any game. But for the sake of continuity, it should be in a game where portals exist. The enter-and-then-flash kind NOT the Portal kind
  5. Been following the series since episode 9, my first year of middle school. Now I'm in my second year of college. All I can say is that this has the same emotional value as the last scene of The Lord of The Rings. And I'm quite ready for another adventure.
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