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  1. okay, some off the top of my head, I'm certain most of these aren't for sale in general. pretty sure they haven't been posted but...here they are, some of my absolute favorites (Dark Cloud)- Wonderful soundtrack, and I'm certain this isn't for sale, or if it was it isn't now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSZOR0v-y6w (Dark Cloud 2 US/Dark Chronicle in JP)- Sequel to Dark Cloud, the more popular of the two, really fun and bouncy and almost twice as long! You could buy the Japanese CD for like 27 bucks off of Amazon but usually I've found the Japanese versions to have vocals...at least with words, harmonies don't count right? Anyway, can't go wrong. (Gradius III) Now, I'm sure many are familiar, probably you as well Ross, but this is an incredible engaging soundtrack for a space shmup. The other soundtracks in the rest of the series' including their own parody "parodius" all have awesome soundtracks. (Megaman Legends) My favorite megaman series. Also, "The Main Gate" is a super short looped song under 30 seconds played for about a minute and a half in that playlist video, but you could put that on loop and listen to it FOREVER and get so much done! Like many, I'm distraught the 3rd game got cancelled even after they made a demo. It had a HUGE level of fan involvement from voting on personalities of NPCs to mechanics, characters, and enemy designs. Talk about it being horrible to kill a game, this was dangled in front of all the fans and taken away. Though there is a fan made spiritual successor and a google or youtube search of "Homebrew Dash 3" will get you there. Seems pretty cool, very pretty and well done imo. Not out yet I think. One of the best "screw Capcom" projects. No English site up yet either but...it's moving along. A bigger rant for another time...so here's the happy music that DOES exist.-download: http://www.legends-station.com/?page=mml1/music (Megaman Legends 2) Sequel to MML, I haven't played it personally, though I've watched a playthrough, it's kinda hard to get unfortunately but hey, limited cartridges and all. Like the first, lots of ruins and old dungeons combined with city stuff and open nature songs in other areas.-download: http://www.legends-station.com/?page=mml2/music (Super Mario RPG) My favorite game of all time also has one of my favorites...definitely top 3. Can't say enough about it. Just a fun, wondrous soundtrack that's just.so.good. Bonus!: a group called "CrazyGroupTrio" did a piano cover of the SMRPG soundtrack and it's also super awesome, just discovered it searching for a link too! https://play.google.com/music/preview/B6cpfxn5g4fzoejgatusknejkae?utm_source=na_Med&utm_medium=hasem&utm_campaign=MusicPLA&pcampaignid=MKT-DR-na-us-all-Med-pla-mu-Evergreen-Jun2315-1-albums&gl=US&gclid=CMGopui2hMoCFcNAfgod8c0Mcg&gclsrc=ds This one is obviously for sale, but I'd buy it. If I have any more I don't find in the forum I'll get it up here.
  2. said a lot of stuff in the last episode forum and all but once again, can't believe it's over, wonderful run, can't wait for whatever else you do, etc. forgot to comment on here after watching again...blecch anyway, LOVED the alternative ending, don't know what to say other than it fit so well... i got nothing that other posters haven't said i'll be around... waiting 0)_(0
  3. Pretty much this. lol Was a freshman in high school when it started...now halfway through my junior year of college (4th year junior...registration's a ding dong). Boy have I changed since then...in good ways and bad, but I do find it to be a significant marker in my life aside from starting high school in general. Which is a significant marker in and of itself in my opinion. Always made me happy every time i saw there was an episode and was never disappointed. neat going through the comments reading everyone's nostalgia, memories, when they started, etc. Amazing to think this has gone on so long and has been quite a big chunk of my life (7/22 years woo!). stoked/devastated to see the end of the series coming soon... Though I can't wait to see it, and your other projects have been just as good, got hooked on game dungeon before I even watched it. lol So, like I said, can't wait for the conclusion, and I can't wait for everything else you do, been quite a journey up to this point! Also...coulda sworn I had made an account, though probably with a different name, back in 09...at least somewhere around there. Shame on me for not being around during all these years. lol That'll change from now on...sheesh
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