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  1. Someone on reddit was quite curious about something
  2. Great episode as always, Ross. Quick question: Have you ever played Pang? It was this (flash) game where you were a monkey with a really well-defined upper back, and you'd fire harpoons at balls, which would create smaller balls, and, ah fuck it.
  3. Really liked the episode. In a recent thread on /r/Games for another game critic, someone asked if there were other critics who choose the method seen in the post's video to critique them: I obviously dropped in to rep Ross and, of course, got tons of upvotes -- people really love you there.
  4. I thought the general consensus was that it was a seven hour war primarily because no one was prepared for a fight. Jets weren't in the air. Army bases weren't on full alert. Navy ships weren't all aiming at the skies. The portal storms were like nothing that had ever been seen by humankind. Their reaction was presumably astonishment. Then death at the hands of a prepared adversary. Now humans know what they are dealing with and are prepared. I think that is an important distinction.
  5. So you're saying that it's not believable that he's a human using teleportation technology. You realize that human scientists send Freeman to a border world, right? They teleport him there? No? Nothing..? You realize he works at a facility that has technology beyond anything fathomable in our world, right? Where it isn't entirely unbelievable for someone to have the capacity to do things such as teleport, inherently, as it's part of the plot? And furthermore, you're suggesting that your first reaction to a (seemingly) human individual, with a human voice who understands human speech, calls guns "government property", and wears a suit and carries a briefcase.... your FIRST thought is, "Can't be human." I understand the old, alien-disguised-as-human trope. I get that all the fans, including myself, have concluded that G-Man is, in fact, extraterrestrial. But I think your perception of him is based on knowledge outside what is accessible in Half-Life. If you were in Freeman's position, it would be illogical to assume he was an alien given the circumstances.
  6. Oh... wow! I've been having thoughts loosely connected to this idea above. But it's still pretty far going. I'm quite surprised that I even got a response! Well, as idyllic and outrageous as my suggestion may seem, Notch has, in the past, shown interest in funding projects he is passionate about, like the time he told Tim Schafer he'd throw 1 mil at him (things dissolved when Tim spoke with Notch and the 1 mil became a lot more than the initial appraisal). He has a refreshing enthusiasm for things such as this. Lastly, I will never understand Valve's disinterest in making a deal of some sort with Ross. Ideally, Valve would back Ross' work, which is of a certain caliber, a certain quality, that it really stands out. The DOTA announcer debacle still exacerbates me.
  7. Get Notch to pay you an exorbitant fee
  8. He is so far removed from any sense of salvaging a former life, though, and, expanding on that, salvaging the lives of others. He has come to terms with and accepted his place in the world and does not feel an onus to safeguard humanity as he has formed a nihilistic viewpoint throughout the journey.
  9. I want to add some clarity to my stance: Freeman's Mind was great, but if your channel had simply never had Freeman's Mind, I'd still be subscribed, because I LOVE Game Dungeon. And when my friend comes over, and I fail to entertain her (which is often), she always opens my youtube and boots up Carnevil or another Game Dungeon episode to pass the time. I know you're confident in your other projects, but, given Game Dungeon, so am I.
  10. I've been stalking the forums for a while, and watching the series for years, but the impending withdrawal I knew I'd be going through was no longer something I was willing to experience alone, without being able to openly grieve at people. Anyway. I'm excited for Ross. He deserves to experiment with other videos, and other projects. He sure as hell has earned it. That said, goddamn was his writing for Freeman's Mind top notch.
  11. Here's a mash-up of Freeman's Mind and The Final Countdown. Don't say I didn't warn you
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