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  1. I'm sad it's over, but I'm also really, really happy. That was an incredible ending to such an amazing series. Thank you, Ross! Congratulations on finishing Freeman's Mind! Happy New Years / New Years Eve!
  2. Finally got around to registering today, but I've been a lonnnggg time lurker. Where does the time go huh? I started watching this series in 2010, granted not as long as everyone else has been watching it. But still that's been what, 4-5 years? It's been such an incredible entertaining ride. Since watching this series, I have been through two relationships, some of the roughest times in my life, and in 2010 I met my best friend online, and in just a few days we are actually physically meeting. It's insane. And yet through everything that has happened I was still marathoning old episodes and tuning into the new episode of Freeman's Mind regularly. I love the Game Dungeon as well, it's my favorite game review show on youtube. I'm excited to see all of what future projects you have planned. This series and you have inspired me, made me laugh when I was at my lowest, and have just been such a significant part of my life! It's something I will never forget! Thank you Ross
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