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  1. Reminder the "Xen Invasion" isn't even an invasion - by the lore, it's basically Nihilanth and those little zappy floating big-heads trying to fleed to Earth to get away from the Combine using his slave species, his manufactured soldiers and by consequence also bringing some of Xen's native wildlife by consequence. It was a desperate flight - hence why soldiers always win in combat and why technically Gordon made things worse.
  2. To people saying Freeman's reaction to the ending was a bit, uhm, not dramatic enough, remember from the beginning Gordon has signs of being a sociopath. Might be using the term wrong but basically, he shows little to no empathy: he sees scientists die frequently, shoots an innocent security guard and shrugs at it in his paranoia, and in general becomes more unhinged and unfeeling to the world around him. Overall, I think it'd take a lot to actually mess with him, if anything can at all. In a way, you can say his lack of empathy or surprise is what makes him so good at killing aliens.
  3. 11:28 "What, you're CIA?" "Dr. Freeman, I'm CIA." "If I pull that suit off, will you die?"
  4. Thank you for this amazing series. Unfortunately for you, finishing this doesn't get you rid of us. If anything, the fans like you even more now. To another great year of content - take your rest, Ross. You've earned it. Happy New Year man, and thanks again.
  5. Fuck me mate It isn't up in the page yet, but he did upload it to youtube
  6. Made an account just to say hi. Thanks for all these years of adventure, Ross. I love your work and also your new stuff - so I'll be seeing a lot of you around, so it seems. My favorite youtuber at the moment. Good luck - and thank you. EDIT2: Here's a mash-up of Freeman's Mind and The Final Countdown. Don't say I didn't warn you You game me a terrible idea. Have that compilation of all Freeman's Mind episodes' audio to that point, together with The Final Countdown. Bask in its glory, my children.
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