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  1. Maybe the real joke is that it's not a joke and he's really going to continue it (just maybe not soon?) I think that deep inside I actually do believe that this is the start of the second part. Legit thing. That what makes it really sting. I don't want to get "Haha, that was a joke!" after I allow myself to celebrate it. So I'll just treat it as a joke until proven otherwise. At least we get Game Dungeon. It's still fun to watch. God damn it. *went to rewatch Freeman's Mind from the start for the seventh time*
  2. That was just cruel, c'mon D: What adds insult (glorious one though) to injury is the fact that it's a legit episode. It stings enough for me to remember my password from this account D:
  3. This is a fast-paced shooter with procedurally generated levels, that has probably worst marketing and/or name I've ever seen. Despite being very fun game, almost nobody knows about it for some reason. Or just don't buy it because of jumping FOV and crazy muzzleflash even though you can turn off those things almost completely. It the only Early Access game on Steam I've every bought and I enjoy it a lot, plus developers don't fail to deliver new features, updates and fixes. They even respond to discussion threads even though there are three of them if I recall correctly. Here's link to the one of youtube videos for multiplayer and link to Steam store page. http://store.steampowered.com/app/357330/ Give it a look, guys. And there's a demo version on developers site, though it lacks A LOT of new features and options. Like "disabling adrenaline FOV" wich can be an issue for some people. It was for me. http://nornware.com/?tab=games - here you can download the demo. Just beware, their site is hard on eyes.
  4. Man, that was one hell of a video. - No Half-Life 2 Freeman's Mind! Me: Crap... Welp, maybe there will be Civil Prote... - No Civil Protection! Me: Crap... Welp, at least we're still getting Game Dun... - I know some of you will wanna burn me on the stake... Me: Dear God. - No 60 FPS! Me: Stop scaring me like that!
  5. Oh... You know what? That's right. You brought back hope in my life
  6. Oh my God. This is kind of big. I've been following Freeman's Mind since Episode 10 or something like that but I've never had anything smart enough to say in comments or important enough to register in forum, but this... Well... This is it, yeah? I just wanted to say: "thank you, Ross". Thank you for all you've done for us. For all these awesome videos that helped me to live through some bad times. When shit hitted the fan the thought of "welp, there will be more Freeman's Mind, so it's worth it anyway" helped me a lot. And now it's over. I'm kinda happy and I'm kinda sad at the same time. It's a conclusion after all this years, so this is great, but... What the hell am I gonna be waiting for now? Thank you, man. Really. You did a great series. I never ever regreted watching any episode. They all were great. From Russia with love. And sorry for my crappy english btw.
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