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  1. I strongly recommend you practice just streaming the game before the big event. This can be a lot of work, and you don't want to be solving streaming issues while also solving player coordination issues as well. I think that streaming a game is more challenging than just a Q&A. Keep it on the down low so that people don't get confused about when the first monthly event is, and just practice that one part of it. If it turns out to be easy you will have only wasted time. I've made a character on Emerald just for this. He is named 'BlueIsGoodNotBlueMeansShoot'. Just so people will have a little reminder when I revive them, as I often play medic. Otherwise I have a BR40'ish character on Cobalt.
  2. Since I didn't know how many people there were on board (the tanks aren't driving around for example) I just counted it as one, Gimli style. No crew worth their salt would leave their vehicle without the commander telling them. Just because they're not moving doesn't mean they don't have a driver/gunner/commander. Given the competence shown by the HECU during FM, these people might not have been the brightest of the bunch. I'll still count them as one because I don't know how many people are in there. The Osprey in particular works like a clown car if you don't shoot it down IIRC. Anyway he only kills a couple so it is not like it makes a huge difference.
  3. Thanks. He does if we're going for kills per unit time. FM takes place over a few ambiguously timed days at most. Still, he isn't the most deadly even by that measure since there are bomber pilots such as Paul Tibbets. Probably some WW1 machine gunners that can measure up too, if you're going for infantry combat.
  4. Since I didn't know how many people there were on board (the tanks aren't driving around for example) I just counted it as one, Gimli style.
  5. Damn you're right of course. Baby headcrabs were really difficult to count. I forgot to add the Garg. Let me do some fixing...
  6. I had nothing to do today so I decided to make a list of Freeman's kills. This may not actually be accurate in any way, since it is just manual labor. However, Freeman kept wondering how many counts of self defense with an automatic weapon he could still justify, and now he knows how to prepare his lawsuit. I found another thread that did this here already, but it hadn't been updated in almost a year. I thought I'd make a new thread rather than necroing that one. If that's frowned upon I hope a mod can merge the threads. The tally is in spoiler tags since it is rather large: Summary: Vortigaunts: 155 Headcrabs: 138 Alien grunts: 54 Houndeyes: 46 Overseers: 41 Bullsquids: 35 Barnacles: 19 Baby Headcrabs: 6 Snarks: 4 Tentacles: 3 Ichthyosaur: 2 Gargantua: 2 Blue space laser: 1 Gonarch: 1 Nihilant: 1 Turrets: 9 Tanks: 4 Apaches: 2 Osprey: 1 Soldiers: 158 (so Freeman is strictly more of a one man Company rather than an Army) Ninjas: 7 Scientists: 6 Guards: 3 TOTAL 508 Aliens 16 Military hardware 165 Hostile soldiers 9 'Friendly' Fire SUM TOTAL: 698 kills Notes: - I'm not guaranteeing any kind of accuracy here in either the counting or the summing. - Please do point out any errors I've made. - This took me about a day. - Freeman kills more aliens then humans. - Freeman kills barely more alien soldiers at (grunts, gargs, vorts) 211 than human soldiers and equipment at 181. - Freeman kills more overseers than barnacles, and barely more houndeyes than overseers. - The tanks, Apaches and the Osprey destroyed have a combined unit cost of about 135 million dollars. - Freeman is the most deadly in episode 49, with 44 kills, followed by episode 9 with 35 kills and then episode 59 with 32 kills. edit 1 (2015-01-03). Forgot Bullsquids and Garg. Thanks BTGBullseye and Zaraki. edit 2 (2015-01-04). One more Garg. Thanks RandomGuy.
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