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    General American Politics Thread

    Socialist Sanders is ready to run America in the ground with socialism, but is too genuinely crazy to be pushing it as a front for his campaign, meaning he thinks it could actually work, just like it did in the Nordic States (oops they're dead by 2020). Maybe if he gets far enough he'll write another book about how not having sex gives you cancer Hilary should be in prison, and is only just now getting fire after the Obama administration finally started prosecuting. She's acting moderate, just like Obama, but is possibly the most authoritarian leftist on American Soil. And who is that one guy on the left like wtf where'd he come from Then we got Ted Cruz, who is not going to make it even though he'd be the best bet for conservatism. The GOP hates him, so he's out. Really sucks. Kasich's dad was a mailman. Marco Rubio is a pushover, and Jeb Bush is the reason Trump is winning, which leads me to... Trump, man. Now that the GOP knows Rubio and Bush are gone, they'd rather take Trump instead of Cruz because Trump is vague on his ideas, and Cruz is thorough and concise, and the establishment would rather take the unknown than the known they disagree with. Trump's loudest ideas are the most conservative (and anti PC, raking in some of the fed up liberals). He's down for killing unborn babies, stealing land through the government, and gay marriage (so nobody alienates me for that, I think marriage should completely cultural. Wedlock benefits cause strife when frugal people would rather hate their spouse and poorly raise a kid than spend a little money to the Big Man. That being said, any Christian church has the right to deny gays, in fact anyone can deny service to anyone, it'll just hurt them and give their competition an upper hand). I think it's a safe bet he's going to take some money from the GOP and veto and push what they want (I'm not saying he's going to go full puppet, but he's probably going to be swayed by them. Anyone who says he's running for president to make his mark on history is misinformed). Conservatives need someone who is willing to veto anything with a libtard buzzword, and while it's true Obama pulled a similar stunt, he was willing to shut down congress to get his way, the six year old tantrum attitude won't work without talking directly to congress, no matter its standing in 2016, not pandering the populous through the media. That being said, Trump is a celebrity because Obama has shown merging entertainment and politics is an effective tactic. I predict that, either CNN will slowly shift its political bias (or it will be seen that way, they could just rely on Trump's left side), or Trump will come out of the closet with his liberalism. TL;DR: The left is (hopefully) down for the count, sadly the GOP is going to elect a closet liberal for them.
  2. killer2


    b-baka Japanophile alert! Call the westernists, we got a wap on our hands. I love you, Ross.

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