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  1. Really looking forward to the devs continuing the series. I tried the first game a while ago and didn't get it but when I finally gave it my attention there was a lot to it. The second game is (mostly) available but I want to hold off until the final installment.
  2. I love how a Hazy ended up with its own Game Dungeon.
  3. I don't know- the game is super uneven and the assets look like they came from a store and made independent of each other. Couldn't finish.
  4. The controls and story worked really well for me, and the presentation was fantastic.
  5. Mixed feelings on this one even though I managed to redeem a free copy. I liked the story being told and the presentation but I wanted more- in a bad way.
  6. Not sure about this one. Writing was good for the most part but didn't leave too much of an impact. And in regards to the above the next episode is almost out/might be out already who knows.
  7. Just played the other day, really promising and a cool world.
  8. This was game that left me wanting more, in both a good and a bad way. It has a great take on space dogfight gameplay and an amazing presentation. The bare-bones narrative should have either been expanded upon or removed- there were glimpses of interesting ideas but they didn't amount to much.
  9. This was a game that quickly grabbed my attention but burned me out closer to the end. The final sections didn't gel like a lot of the beginning in terms of the gameplay, and the story took a predictable turn that could have been handled in a more engaging way.
  10. This game felt broken to me when I tried to move around it's little intro area. Didn't stay in my library very long.
  11. I'd say this is a must play for Ross. Not a perfect game by any stretch, but it is what it aims to be and does a fantastic job at it.
  12. Tried to get into this one and couldn't. "Walking Simulator" isn't necessarily a bad word for me but I had to refund this one.
  13. I don't like horror games, but The Last Doors got their claws in and didn't let go.
  14. I enjoyed this one but eventually lost the will to continue, mostly due to more exciting games on my to-do list. The lore book released by the devs as a free PDF was a really great read for a sci-fi fan.
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