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  1. Whenever I open a new program that requires a lot of screen real estate, I just buy a new monitor. No need to switch windows, tabs or desktops, I just need to move my eyes.
  2. I have typically kept to standard windows and just dealt with most of the inadequacies in exchange for not dealing with incompatibility. I'd rather lose 30 seconds a day for 10 years than spend a day every few years trying to fix old broken GUI customisations. However... When I first got my own PC back in 2009 I noticed a workflow problem that was fixed by a script called AlwaysOnTop, which ran in its own executable. (Looked and still looks innocuous to me.) After a year of solid use, Windows Defender started to slow my PC to a crawl for the first 10 minutes from startup, which I traced back me running AlwaysOnTop.exe on boot. So I decided to give up the functionality and get rid of it. Even now every time that it could be useful I get annoyed that I *had* the tool for it, which got broken by Windows being Windows. Making this little mini player ModArchive has stay on top of the main window would be a perfect example. (I can scroll down to see rest of the lists behind it) Also, apparently I changed something in Firefox and some folks get annoyed when they see it. I don't know, it's easy to get used to a UI change if it simply doesn't break any functions, so I've forgotten what it was that I changed. So I appreciate your chunky ass set up Ross, even if it's ugly at first glance.
  3. You can't. There is no transformer. He never shot out any electrical devices in the episode. You imagined the whole thing.
  4. I'm glad someone finally got around to it, good job
  5. I also think that getting other organisations, site owners, journalists, and others in on this would be worthwhile. Contacting groups such as the EFF who have lobbied for gaming archival in the past (https://www.eff.org/...) seems worthwhile as they would be in the know how for getting this sort of issue noticed, even if it is not a political or legal issue. At any rate I'll write a letter next week and if it's any good I'll spoiler it here after posting.
  6. This video certainly killed any interest in the game I would've had, but here's a screenshot anyway: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=304415529
  7. Hello, watched the first two episodes, but gave up hope afterwards. It was a bland game, which I don't think could hold me for an hour and a half, even if you brought in jugglers or something. I liked the actual content of the episode, discussing the game and its flaws, with theories as to what on earth is happening. I think it would be better if the episode was ordered into the topics that you went through - your discussions on the games history, gameplay, art direction, then drastically shortened by cutting out long pauses and things, even within sentences. I see that a lot in let's plays and I can imagine the practice gets some flak, but it seems necessary for the pacing of something like this not to be on the level of Cyril Cyberpunk. My more major concern with it would be that your style of humor wouldn't work with the shorter video. I can't think of a solution to that without a drastic improvement in improvisation, So I don't have an answer for whether I want to see more of this series or not. I liked Tom though, with the theories on the backstory of the game. Once upon a time I went looking for let's plays of a game I had played previously, looking for the insight of another on the game. Instead I found a Markiplier series. I watched the first episode and was greeted by the astounding commentary of a series of grunts and chuckles with occasional "fuck you"s. I had a similar experience with a pewdiepie video I clicked on once. I'm not exactly sure how those videos are successful as they are. Then again, I also remember a playthrough of Resident Evil 4 that I actually bothered to watch through for significantly more time, where the player talked continuously in Spanish, which I don't understand at all. Let's plays as entertainment baffles the hell out of me.
  8. I'm not sure about anti cheating measures, and I'm hardly well versed in how memory is handled, but I do think you're overthinking health a little. I haven't tried to get adventureus's ending/bug, but here's how to get unlimited health consistently and without error: Load up the game and boot up Cheat Engine Scan for four byte unknown initial value Expend some air in game, then search for a decreased value Repeat until you have gotten it down to a few dozen addresses. Most of these will just be continuously decreasing variables, which are best left alone. In order to whittle it down to a smaller set of addresses, I then went and found a yellow gem, which will put you back up to max health. Then, after this if you've done it right you should only have a few addresses, just put the DOSBox and the Cheat Engine windows where you can see both and note which address reacts to moving the ball about. That's your health value, in the range of 0 - ~860000000. I suspect the values adventurus found simply corresponded to the sprite of the ball, and perhaps other aesthetic effects. I've managed to do this without the game freezing, though since memory seems to be randomly reassigned, if the health address changes to one which probably shouldn't be frozen things could go badly. I've had this issue in a lot of other software and I've always dismissed it as being above my skill level. Now, this health value is for the level you found it on, only. For each level, you'll have to repeat the above process in order to get infinite health again. However, they stay the same, so if you quit out of a level and come back, it'll still be the same address. I think the yellow gem just resets you to maximum health (or after freezing the address, tries to) so I doubt you have to worry about dying from over inflation here. However, the game does have instakills which will work regardless of infinite health. One of them is this spike thing: , and the other is the coloured gate: . This is particularly important on the last level which contains teleporter traps including these, so try to take unknown teleporters slowly as you keep your momentum going through them. For many parts of the game, I would recommend holding the air brake key (default z) so you will only move while holding one of the movement keys. As for actually playing the game, I don't think health is the only factor one has to worry about. As was said in the video, the game is a slog, and you are meant to get through it in one sitting as it has no save states. The game's instructions (Press i on menu) are worth the read: At the end of the third paragraph here, Sean Puckett states that there is no ending for Helious 2. Ross brought this up in the video, and went on to explain it might secretly notify the aliens about the game's completion. I am a skeptic, but at any rate I don't have much time on my hands, so I would like to see what will happen after beating every level. In order to help with that, it would be best for someone to beat it and share a save state here. The official DOSBox doesn't have support for Save States like you might see in other emulators, but there is a modified version of it called DOSBox SVN-Daum which allows saving by a simple hotkey. You can download it here (E: Official Website, can't believe I missed that one), and read a forum thread about it here. I found the documentation on it a little inconsistent so here are some instructions for use of the mod:- This is what I've learnt so far. I'm not convinced there will be an ending but for those of you who are more dedicated than me, good luck, and please share it before your abduction! If you manage to get part way through it but lose hope, share your save anyway! I'm sure someone will pick it up. E: The default health is 655294464. This should make finding it a lot easier.
  9. On the graphics of 3D films, I recently found an interesting essay by American CG artist David OReilly. It discusses the aesthetics and graphical quality of high budget and low budget films while explaining what he had done with his at the time latest short film, Please Say Something. While I can imagine that the film in question swings a little closer to Art House than your movie will, it's worth a read. Here is the essay: http://files.davidoreilly.com/downloads/BasicAnimationAesthetics.pdf Please Say Something: I'm currently loving Accursed Farms, and am looking forward to your future work! Also, I think that you look nothing like Jesus.
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