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  1. Nice episode. I can’t help but notice some of the symbolism in this. From the video, I noticed at first the sign with what appear to be the nordic runes ᚦᛉᚻᚾ which spell “TH Z H N”, which doesn’t seem to mean anything, but taken the individual meaning of each rune, could mean something relating to “thorns”, “hail” (as in precipitation) and “need”. We later see the rune ᚠ (F) meaning wealth or cattle. But what intrigued me more is the apple with the “KALLISTI” writing below and the “K” on it. This originates from the greek mythology of Eris and the golden apple of discord, but I suspect could also link to Discordianism, an occult movement related to Chaos Magick, of which the KALLISTI golden apple is the main symbol. There are also some other symbols in the video which I can’t really relate to anything. I’m going to look for a complete walkthrough to see if I see anything else of symbolic interest, and maybe see if I can dig up something in the game files itself.
  2. Hi, Here’s a theory I have on the current situation with ISIS, Russia and Europe, from informations I’ve gathered from a few sites, general news, and personal deduction. I’m not sure at all about this, I’d just like to know what other people think. If Russia wanted to be more powerful, not only would it would need to make the US weaker. I think that, to this end, it’s trying to isolate Europe from the US, as EU-US relations and economic exchange are critical to the power of both the US and the EU. How to do that ? - by significatively helping ultranationalist parties in Europe. In France, the Front National wants to make France break as much ties with other countries as possible. I’m French, and don’t know much about the situation in other major EU countries, but I’d love to hear some response on that. - this is the speculative part: ISIS/ISIL/whateveryoucallit has recently mainly been menacing european countries. This, at least in France, encourages a fear of Islam, and thus nationalist voting, once again helping the nationalist party which is currently gaining a lot of support. Could Russia be helping/arming/financing this Islamic state to make the EU break apart ? So, here are some questions I’d like to have some external opinion on: - How are (ultra)nationalist parties doing, recently, in other EU countries ? - Does Russia helping ISIS/ISIL seem plausible ? - How bad is the shit we’re heading towards ? Could it evolve into a cold war, world war, a holocaust ? Thanks for reading. As a bonus, here’s a piece of Russian propaganda. [edit] I’m not sure this belongs more in “Civilization problems” than “Serious Topic Discussion”. Admins/mods, feel free to move the topic if you feel it belongs more in the latter.
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