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  1. First of all, great video, but I just went through the trouble of making an account, so it had to be pretty good if I bothered. That said, Wolfenstein is horrifically underrated in my opinion. That probably sounds like something said by a complete lunatic, and I agree that it does, especially when I also agree that the game is generally soulless. Because of this, I stopped to think about why I remember it being better, and I repeatedly came back to the fact that you were avoiding using the medallion. Like, how the hell is that even possible? This game was BRUTAL when I played it through it. Both times. And then I remember that I was playing on the hardest difficult, and honestly, the gameplay REALLY starts to shine when you go there. It didn't just keep me invested in upgrading my weapons + powers, but turned every section of the game into its own mini-puzzle. The only real downside here is that the farm level goes from being great, to several segments that require you to fight from cover for extended periods of time. All that aside though, the medallion gives you the tools to break through these situations later in the game and made progression really satisfying me. Alright, I'm done. (And no, this isn't an April Fools day post for the few who inevitably assume I'm kidding around.)
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