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  1. Unfortunately not. It had a very high production value.
  2. Alright. I'm tearing my hair out on this one. I need to find this old SFM video series. It was about the civil protection forces in a psuedo Half Life 2 universe, sort of like the Civil Protection series. One of the characters was a unit with a bucket on his head, and in one episode he was stuck on a barnacle. In one episode, they were trying to get someone for insurance fraud. The channel also has a random video of one of the doctor, I think, characters playing a piano. It had a load of custom models in it. There was also an episode with someone asking for directions to a garden party. It was a documentary style series. I really want to re-watch it.
  3. I am more impressed that he actually managed it. How many tries did Ross need to pull that off? Or was he just improvising after he managed it by accident? Unless he managed a very sneaky jump-cut with quicksaves I'm kinda inclined to believe that was the first shot which makes me feels he's done that on his own before. It's actually real simple, HL speedrunners do it all the time. He just backed up all the way to his corner, and aimed for a certain spot on the texture of the wall. It's just the prep of determining where to aim that probably took a few hours.
  4. The indie pixel game LISA the Painful RPG. Great game overall. Just as good soundtrack. My personal favorites are Garbage Day, F#%k You, and Blood For Sex Bandcamp album: http://widdly2diddly.bandcamp.com/album/lisa-soundtrack
  5. Wisconsin you say? Well, in that area of America, there is a large German speaking population. I'm sure if they tried, the developers could get a good German voice actor from the comforts of their own state. Even if they couldn't, a state lower would have some Germans to spare.
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