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  1. Hey, remember me? It's the . Here's how I'd tackle this. Start with a lump of clay, as big as a mouse. Warm that stuff up in your hands and slap it down. Mold the clay with your actual hand. After all, if you're going to go custom, go really custom. Once you have the shape the way you want it you have 2 options. Scan the clay and 3D print it, or bake it and mold a sheet of thermoform plastic around it with a heat gun or even vacuform it. Then use an existing mouse and make it happen. 3D printing is cool 'n all, but it doesn't have to be the only solution. Vacuforming is also very cool.
  2. So does Ross ever see these posts or respond to them? If I offer to model and 3D print the carnevil coin, I wan to be sure my effort isn't going to be wasted. E-mail me if you want it, Ross.
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