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  1. Well the thing is, I think there should be questions saved for moments where there's nothing interesting in the chat. I understand when Ross skips questions in the chat that he has talked about before, or that he needs time to think about (that's why I sent my most interesting questions ahead of time last time btw), or that are simply not worth answering. But if it's a good question, like one I had about the turn they gave to the story in the LoK sequels, and what would he think silicon knights' direction had they developed it. So what I think would work better is if you screen the questions people send so that you take out non relevant ones, and the ones that are, you can give them to Ross so he can answer the best ones and if towards the end of the chat, as it has happened, questions run dry then he can maybe answer 1 or 2 more while people submit others. I just thought it was frustrating seeing questions I thought were interesting get past over because there wasn't enough time, then see Ross spending minutes in silence because people didn't ask interesting stuff. As I said before, far from disrespect or bad criticism, I just want to give my thoughts and hopefully help everyone involved have a much better experience in the videchats. I do appreciate the work and time that goes into them, and since I have been asking for this for ages I just want to see it be as good as it can be.
  2. I don't mean to disrespect in any way, but I think whoever screens the questions sent beforehand to be answered by Ross should do a better job. Last time I sent maybe over 5 or 6 good questions that I think would be really interesting for many people to hear Ross talk about and only about 2 or 3 got selected, and the one that I wanted to hear the most got the context cut out of it. Now on this chat the questions run dry towards the end to the point where Ross rarely has anything interesting to talk about. It kills me not being able to make it to the live chat, but I do watch the youtube replay religiously. So it would've meant a lot to have had those answers at least seen by Ross, and if he decides they're not interesting then is all good. But for them to get past over because there might not be enough space or time, but see Ross having time to show his floor lamp is frustrating. Again, far from disrespect or animosity, I want to see the videochats and Ross' interactions with fans evolve and improve. So I'll try my best to be around for the next chat since I think I have some very interesting topics that I believe Ross would enjoy talking about.
  3. Look at what Lazy Game Reviews did LGR - Darkspore (A Cautionary Tale of Game-killing) You guys should join forces to bring more awareness to this issue
  4. Why does twitch never reminds me of this, but is always reminding me about the guy who connects every 10 minutes to play minecraft Ross, if you didn't like the action second half in RE4, don't even bother playing evil within. It's like RE4 only bad... really...really bad. Also thanks for answering some of my questions. Hopefully you'll answer some more of the ones I sent in future videochats.
  5. Hey there. Just was wondering if you two could pick your best 3 or 4 questions to ask and then we can hold those other questions until the next one. We'd like to get through all the questions if possible. Also, if you have any questions you'd like to pre-submit, go ahead and do so by sending them to [email protected] ASAP so I can compile them and get them into a format Ross likes it to be in. Thanks! I'd like to hear all of them, but if they're too many then I guess I can send them to the email in order of interest. Then Ross can pick the ones he likes and maybe answer the rest in another video or in here.
  6. Ross I have some questions I'd like to ask you for the videochat, but I'll leave them here so you can have them beforehand and address them then. I think they'd be as interesting for everyone as there are for me. If you could answer them all please do, if not maybe answer some here of in future videochats. Thanks -What happened to Magda's channel, will she ever be Chell's mind?, will she be a voice in one of your videos? -Can we hear about the infamous car drowning incident you implied to have had? -Are you a fan of deadpool, thoughts about the upcoming movie? -Will Craig Mengel appear in the movie, please say yes. -If you could choose any actor to play a roll in the movie who would it be and what character would they play? -What is your favourite Dave line? mine is "you'll smoke yourself retarded with one of those" -What do you think about (heavenly sounds) possibly having rpg and open world features and VR technology?-Have you seen CDJO's animation of Civil Protection's episode " "?In the video he states that he would be willing to collaborate with you to bring the series back. If so will you be open to collaborate with him or any animator should the opportunity arise to bring out new CP videos? -In an interview you did some years back, you said you got into machinima as a way to do film and tell stories without the hassles and costs of live-action productions. If you had whatever budget, cast and workforce you wanted for the movie, would it still be a machinima, just exponentially bigger in scope or would you rather make a live-action film? -You have a very well-formed concept of what good level design in a game should have. What do you think about LoK blood omen's level design in hindsight. Was it good? or was it crawly and repetitive. Would the nostalgia carry you all the way through the game. I played it out of curiosity years back, it was great, but I ended up having to power through it, guide-in-hand. -What do you think about the way the timeline went in the LoK series? Did you know Silicon Knights had a sequel planned for LoK BO before it was cancelled and it went radically different to what Crystal Dynamics did? What would you like to have seen in the previous games/future installments? -What would be your favourite environment, mood and setting for an exploration game. -Any cool personal scary experiences or anecdotes you care to tell? I don't have any myself but my grandpa was once choked by a ghost while horseback riding back home on a country road. -Out of all the stereotypical world endings, which one would you prefer to see? I'd like to see a literal, word by word version of revelations in the bible, the horsemen and the dragons flying in the sky, the stars falling into earth... sky trumpets announcing stuff and whatnot.
  7. Can you post more than one screenshot? http://goo.gl/FtFAlo
  8. Ross FYI, this video is unlisted on your channel
  9. Why am I imagining that pic in a button pin? It's a good design. Is from the Carmen Sandiego games and tv series, old stuff
  10. This video made me wonder if Ross is looking for voice actors, or if this is just a one-off. Hell I'll donate my voice to the Farm!!!. I was kinda waiting to hear news about the casting for the movie but now that there's voice acting in this video I wanna see if I can colaborate in the future too!
  11. Is there a library or comprehensive list of the subtitles that have already been made so people can know what they can colaborate on? Hay alguna liste de subtitulos creados para que la gente pueda saber con que pueden colaborar?
  12. So It's been over a month without new videos or updates. So my question is, Where in the World is Ross W. Scott
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