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  1. My suggestion is the title of this thread and while you may misunderstand what I mean, I think you might have an idea. So let me show you mine and you can show me yours! 1. How did you come across Accursed Farms? When I was pretty young I came across Freeman's Mind and for a while the concept was solid to me. Throughout my highschool years I used to roleplay a lot and pretending to be the characters was important to me. I was very impressed with how Ross portrayed Freeman as an artist and I'm glad he gave me a new way to experience the narrative of Half Life, in fact the only real narrative I know! I never beat Half Life or played much of it and the memories of beating Half Life 2 are a bit vacant, I'm sure I beat it but maybe I just skipped to the DLC? I think what I just said proves that I'm not really a 'hardcore Ross fan' but that's OK. I watch what I think is a lot of video game reviews. I started off with Spoony and literally watched all of everything he has (and while not every commentary, still some!) as well as The Gentleman Gamer. Eventually I found Ross's Game Dungeon: Arcade America. . .suffice to say, I was HOOKED! Eventually I found these other artists in this order: LGR, Jontron, The Angry Videogame Nerd, Noah Cadwell-Gervais and the propensity of obscurity was all over the place. There is so much to say about the complexity of each individual but leave no doubt, Ross is quality artist when it comes to videogame media for it's for education, experience and entertainment. Ross is someone who made the Peak Oil video from the perspective of a Combine in Half Life 2. He brought a game to life. There are a lot of intangible things he's created that are important to know and experience and people who don't realize this just haven't had the right opportunity to experience his work. Oh, I'm probably answering this question wrong-- No rules d u d e ! 2. How would you like to interpret "Before Freeman's Mind 2 We Should All Watch Freeman's Mind 1"? Well, after the movie is made we can celebrate sometime afterward by as a community watching the entirety of Freeman's Mind in order to get a clear perspective of how Ross should move on. (This will also give Ross an opportunity to say he watched Freeman's Mind with fans!) If we do it on Twitch we can have discussions between the videos that Ross can interact with. There seems to be a few ways we can go about this (doing it over a few days rather than in one sitting, maybe we can contact Noah Caldwell-Gervais to make a video about Freeman's Mind?) so I think we can all compromise on something. I have been pretty much only watching Ross's Game Dungeon, some/a lot of his videochats on Twitch (always from YouTube), watched all the rants and got to the second Cyril Cyberpunk but only this far: Coming back to Freeman's Mind, I was reminded of a lot of how well Ross dictates the Half Life narrative and I really felt the roots of a person who he has essentially become. I grew to know Ross with the characters he pretended to be and seeing him as a person (and the delay!) changed my perception of his existence. So now that I feel like I know Ross as a more as a person, I go back to Half Life and listen to Ross narrate Freeman's existence and it feels different then when I watched him so long ago. For example, when he answered questions in the Twitch about his background in physics or lack thereof it does something to the mystery of Ross' character in the context of Freeman's Mind, and I'm wondering if anyone if similar thoughts are among my contemporaries. 3. How long has it been since you've watched Freeman's Mind? Probably months. When I came back to it I thought I'd like to watch it all again, but then I thought if I wanted to do that I should do it with someone instead of by myself. I watched a bit of one episode 5 and I realized it was a really good intro to Freeman's Mind (the beginning may turn off a lot of people, but the idea is after episode five you go back to the beginning to get the best experience.) and then I thought, wouldn't it be awesome to watch it with Ross and all of his fans? I think it'd give us a good opportunity to see where Freeman's Mind stood before moving on to 2. What do you think about the statement? Feel free use my questions and make up your own and to cite others for certain points and arguments they make. This can be a lot of fun and if you'd like to branch out of this topic within reason (talking about all Ross' side projects in relation to Freeman's Mind, for instance) don't be afraid to go the distance. It could be valuable science!
  2. When I first saw Ross, I thought of Aaron Funk of Venetian Snares. I think if anyone is a twin of Ross, it would be Aaron Funk both in looks and behavior.
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